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Chinari: Grid Station failure sets off huge power outage


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Chinari: (Azadi Times – Special Reporter) Khatai Powerhouse water channel is partially off, powerhouse Khatai will be closed for 48 hours from 6 am tomorrow Saturday morning, for repair work will be started, and mobile service in the area will also be suspended for 48 hours.

Many union councils adjacent to Chinari will remain in darkness. People demanded to provide alternative power. Khatai officials will close the powerhouse for the next 48 hours from 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, Saturday. The house will be closed from Saturday morning, there is already a lot of load on the grid station. If possible, alternative power will be provided to Chanari and the surrounding area from the grid station Hattian Bala.

If the grid station is not loaded in Hattian, the public will wait until the powerhouse is fixed It will have to be done, public circles say that every day the news of the powerhouse’s water channel breaking comes to light. should take notice of repairing the water channel by using non-standard materials and should repair the water channel by using standard materials so that the water channel is not broken in the future.

The people of the area say that after the powerhouse is closed And to arrange alternative electricity for union councils in the surrounding areas, such a big breakdown is unbearable, remember that due to the closure of the power house, the mobile service will also be closed in Chanari and the surrounding areas because of the mobile companies as an alternative due to lack of electricity. She does not turn on her generator due to which the mobile service is stopped every day during power outages.

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