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Kotli: Ongoing Protests for Freedom and Economic Justice Continue in Pakistani-Controlled Kashmir


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Kotli Abshar Chowk Protest Continues for Over 37 Days

Kotli: (Azadi Times) – In a remarkable show of resilience and determination, residents of Azad Kashmir (Pakistani-administered) have been engaged in an ongoing protest for over 37 days, led by the prominent pro-freedom leader, Dr. Toqeer Gillani.

This protest, which initially began as a demonstration against rising electricity prices, expensive flour, and unjust taxes imposed by the government, has now transformed into a full-fledged civil disobedience movement.

Dr. Toqeer Gillani, known for his unwavering commitment to the cause of Azad Kashmir’s freedom, has been at the forefront of this public outcry. The people of Azad Kashmir have united behind his leadership to voice their demands and stand against economic hardships imposed upon them.

One of the key demands of the protesters has been the provision of free electricity, prompting citizens to boycott electricity bills for the past two months. This act of civil disobedience is aimed at highlighting the urgency of their plea for affordable and accessible power.

Furthermore, these protests have not been limited to Chok Kotli alone. Several other protest camps have been set up in various locations across Azad Jammu Kashmir, indicating the widespread support and solidarity for the cause. This unified effort underscores the determination of Azad Kashmir’s residents to secure their rights and challenge oppressive policies.

A significant development in this ongoing protest is the formal inclusion of women in the public movement. This decision has been made to strengthen the resilience and impact of the demonstrations, recognizing the essential role women play in championing social and political causes.

As the protests led by Dr. Toqeer Gillani and supported by multiple protest camps continue, it remains clear that the struggle for public rights in Azad Kashmir is far from over. The people’s resolute stand for their demands for free electricity, economic relief, and political freedom reflects their unwavering commitment to achieving a better future for themselves and their region.

The hashtags #FreeElectricityOurRight, #OurDamsYourControlUnacceptable, #ajkprotests, #RightsMovementAJK, and #CivilDisobedience continue to gain traction on social media, amplifying the voices of the protesters and garnering international attention for their cause.

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