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NewsMirpur Poultry Association Lodges Protest Against Contract, Threatens Strike Action

MIRPUR, Azad Kashmir – The Mirpur Poultry Association held a peaceful protest demonstration in Chowk Shaheedan, expressing strong reservations against a contract awarded by the Mosul Corporation.

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Citing concerns about potential economic losses for their members, the association firmly rejected the Phada West contract. While acknowledging their obligation to fulfill legitimate financial dues, they adamantly refused to accept the proposed contract or endure any unfair treatment from the corporation.

Led by President Zafar Iqbal Mulla, the protest witnessed the participation of numerous association leaders, businessmen, and concerned citizens. They collectively raised slogans and voiced their demands, urging the Mosul Corporation to reconsider its stance and refrain from imposing unreasonable fees or violating their established rights.

In a bid to escalate their protest and pressure the corporation for a favorable outcome, the association threatened to initiate a city-wide strike action if their demands remain unmet and the contract is not revoked. They reiterated their unwavering stance on rejecting the contract and emphasized their determination to manage their waste disposal independently.

The protest also shed light on the negative repercussions of the current situation, highlighting the disruption caused by the unavailability of contractors, which has adversely impacted wedding hall orders and related businesses.

In light of these concerns, the Anjuman Traders Association has made a strong appeal to the district administration, urging them to intervene and facilitate a swift resolution to the ongoing dispute.

This development underscores the potential economic ramifications of contractual disagreements and highlights the importance of open communication and collaborative efforts between businesses and relevant authorities to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes and minimize disruptions to essential services.

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