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News"Municipal Elections In Azad Kashmir" Article By Farkhunda Zaffar

“Municipal Elections In Azad Kashmir” Article By Farkhunda Zaffar

(“Municipal elections In Azad Kashmir” – Written by Farkhunda Zafar)

In a democracy, the local government system has a fundamental importance, but it will not be wrong if it is called the spirit of democracy.

The local government acts as a bridge between the individual and the state. By strengthening the local government, the state and democracy are strengthened. That is why the local government system is considered the backbone of the government and the beauty of democracy. Municipal elections pave the way for people to solve their local problems. With the elimination of the centralization of powers, local bodies become the owners of authority and financial resources, which help to solve local and regional problems. Flowering brings familiarity with the symbols and endowments of democracy and provides opportunities for political leadership to emerge from the grassroots.

The foundation was laid for the provision of basic facilities and the construction of infrastructure. During the regime of General Ayub Khan, the system of basic democracy was introduced and the district and union council elections were held. The fourth was held in 1991. After 31 years, the series of municipal elections is continuing. Muzaffarabad division was selected in the first phase. The first phase was completed peacefully on November 27.

In the next phase, local elections will be held in Poonch Division on December 3 and in Mirpur Division on December 8. It is hoped that after the local elections, a new era will begin in Azad Kashmir. Local representatives will be interested in regional and local issues. This will take a huge burden off the shoulders of the members of the assembly. Parliamentarians will now pay special attention to national affairs, legislation and constitutional amendments, development budget management, and defense, and foreign and trade policy, instead of entanglement in pipes, pipes, appointment exchanges, and small schemes.

There is no doubt that the local government elections. As a result, a democratic system develops in the true sense. Municipal institutions are proven to be laboratories for local leadership. Leadership emerges through these institutions. The current president of Turkey is one of the most famous leaders of the world. He was the governor of Istanbul. As a governor, he made a place in the hearts of the people of Turkey by showing high performance. Institutions have to be inactive. Because leaders are not born, but leaders are made.

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