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NewsNeelumMysterious Disappearance of Khwaja Shahid Worries Neelum Valley Residents

Mysterious Disappearance of Khwaja Shahid Worries Neelum Valley Residents

Neelum Valley: (Azadi Times) In a shocking turn of events, Khwaja Shahid, a resident of the scenic Neelum Valley, has gone missing for the past four days, leaving behind his wife and two children anxiously awaiting his return.

The distressing incident has left the entire community in a state of turmoil and uncertainty.

According to local journalist Wasi Khawaja, Khwaja Shahid was last seen purchasing fruits worth 1400 Pakistani rupees from a shop in Mir Saqina Changun in Neelam Valley.

Witnesses reveal that he was not alone at the time of the purchase, as five or six other individuals were accompanying him.

However, these companions have since returned, while Khwaja Shahid remains unaccounted for.

In an unfortunate twist, Indian media outlets have falsely claimed the death of unknown person Kupwara sector.

Residents have vehemently denied these allegations, emphasizing the need for accurate reporting and factual representation by the media.

This incident is not an isolated one in the region. Neelum Valley has been grappling with criminal activities linked to the drug mafia, as revealed by former ASP Neelum Maqsood Abbasi in a recent disclosure.

The presence of multiple gangs involved in illicit activities has raised concerns among the locals, urging law enforcement agencies to take swift action to curb the rising lawlessness.

Maachi Shah’s murder in the Keran sector, the abduction of a metric student in Lawat Bala, the killing of five individuals in Dhakki Chiknar, and the recent disappearance of a young man in the Saawan Naar area highlight the pervasive security challenges in the region.

The prevalent drug smuggling rings have infested the serene landscape, perpetuating fear and jeopardizing the safety of the valley’s residents.

It is imperative that law enforcement agencies effectively root out these criminal elements to restore peace and tranquility in the region.

The details of three gangs involved in drug smuggling, along with concrete evidence, have been compiled, and concerned authorities have been notified to take immediate action.

The community remains hopeful that the authorities will apprehend those responsible and restore peace and security to the once serene Neelum Valley.

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