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People’s Action Committees Unite for Rights Movement in Azad Kashmir


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In a Remarkable Show of Unity, Azad Kashmir Rises for Its Rights

Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir (PaJK) Azadi Times: In a historic development within Azad Kashmir, an unprecedented joint assembly of People’s Action Committees from all corners of the region gathered today in Muzaffarabad, collectively steering a new course towards addressing their pressing issues.

This concerted effort has resulted in the formulation of a comprehensive action plan aimed at bringing much-needed attention to the region’s concerns and demands.

Azad Kashmir residents, especially those with access to social media, are earnestly urged to read this message and share it widely, as the movement gains momentum and the call for justice resonates louder than ever.

Key Highlights from the Groundbreaking Meeting:

  1. Continued Protests: Diverse localities and sub-district headquarters are committed to maintaining ongoing protests, while those regions not yet actively participating are strongly encouraged to join this collective voice.
  2. Electricity Boycott: In a determined stance, residents are planning to boycott electricity bill payments until their demands are duly met, emphasizing the gravity of their cause.
  3. Symbolic Protests at Government Offices: Communities across various regions and sub-districts are poised to stage symbolic protests right in front of local government offices, symbolizing their resolute demand for change.
  4. Formation of Local Committees: At the grassroots level, community, ward, union council, sub-district, and district committees will be established to involve as many individuals as possible in this formidable movement. These committees will serve to mobilize citizens, shield them from coercion, and ensure their safety.
  5. Mass Torchlight Rallies: A powerful display of unity and determination, mass torchlight rallies are scheduled to take place across ten districts, setting the night sky ablaze with hope.
  6. Government Shutdown: As a final recourse should their demands go unheard, the movement contemplates a government shutdown in the next phase. This would entail a suspension of all commercial and travel activities from 5 AM to 2 PM, followed by the reopening of cities and resumption of public transport from 2 PM to 12 AM.
  7. Upholding Peaceful Protests: The movement underscores the utmost importance of peaceful demonstrations and commits to maintaining a disciplined and non-violent approach. Residents are earnestly encouraged to adhere to the established code of conduct.
  8. Inclusive Involvement of Women: Special efforts will be made to ensure the active participation of women in the protest movement. Adequate support and accommodations will be provided to ensure their vital role in this struggle.
  9. Unified Media and Public Relations: To ensure a consistent and unified message, all participating citizens will be thoroughly educated on the movement’s demands and charter of demands. Interviews, statements, and all communication concerning the movement will be channeled through a centralized platform.
  10. Exclusive Negotiations: The movement reaffirms its commitment to engage exclusively through the designated committee, refraining from individual discussions with government officials, thus maintaining the collective strength of their cause.
  11. Seeking Support Beyond Borders: The movement seeks to garner support and solidarity from not only across Azad Kashmir but also from other Pakistani provinces and Gilgit-Baltistan, enlisting the aid of human rights activists and trade unions in their noble quest.
  12. Embracing Non-Violence: The movement’s principles firmly reject violence or any activities that run counter to their goals. Individuals found engaging in actions contrary to the movement’s ethos will be considered as detractors.

This unified movement sweeping through Azad Kashmir stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of its residents in voicing their concerns and asserting their rights.

Azad Kashmir is witnessing an extraordinary surge of support, with people from all walks of life coming together to address the pressing issues affecting their lives. Above all, this movement underscores the paramount values of peace, unity, and non-violence as it strives to carve a brighter and more just future for Azad Kashmir.

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