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Rawalkot, fear of de-notification of four councilors of People’s Party

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Rawalkot (Dharti News) The central leadership of Pakistan People’s Party Azad Kashmir has issued show-cause notices to the councilors of 4 municipal corporations elected on the party ticket for violating the party policy. The Central General Secretary of the party will issue a show cause notice to the elected councilors Aamir Khurshid, Muhammad Waheed Khan, Irfan Zarif and Nosheen Advocate. but you all the councilors did not do so and thus you are guilty of violating the party policy so please explain within three days why this was done otherwise you will face disciplinary action. The process will be implemented and you may have to lose the selected seats. It should be noted that in the Municipal Corporation Rawalkot Municipal Corporation seats, the People’s Party and the Muslim League-N contested the election together, later on these days the central leadership of the parties directed their elected councilors to unite with the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party. But during the election of certain seats, the councilors of the parties did not accept this decision, on which this show-cause notice was issued. It should be noted that if the party leadership moves the Election Commission to de-notify these councillors, they may also lose their seats. The mayor and deputy mayor are yet to be elected, and there is no telling whether these councilors will follow the party’s decision or violate the party’s policies again.

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