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Registration challenge of 8 political parties, formation of full court bench

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Muzaffarabad (Dharti News) High Court of Azad Jammu and Kashmir constituted a full court bench for hearing a writ petition filed regarding the registration of 08 political parties established in Azad Kashmir and issuing notice to the parties, the next date of hearing is 29 March has been fixed. This writ petition was filed in the name of the Election Commissioner of Azad Kashmir by Councilors Wahidashraf, Rizwan-ur-Rashid Mughal, Zahoor Ahmed, Abdul Qayyum, Malik Inayat Hussain etc. who were elected on party tickets in the recent local elections. The preliminary hearing of the writ petition. Divisional Bench in which Chief Justice High Court Justice Raja Sadaqat, Justice Sardar Muhammad Ejaz. Sardar Tahir Anwar Advocate, Syed Zulqarnain Naqvi Advocate, Khawaja Junaid Pandit Advocate, Raja Zarif Hussain Khan Advocate and others appeared in the High Court. On behalf of their respective parties, they would send show cause notices that they have violated the party policy by using contrary votes. During the hearing, Sardar Tahir Anwar Advocate said that the registration of these political parties under the Political Parties Act is doubtful and It is not competent to send notices to these councillors The records of the political parties were taken into custody by the Lection Commission. Three points will be raised in the court whether the political parties who sent notices to their elected councilors are registered under the constitution and the law and were eligible to send notices. The elected councilors who were elected on the ticket of these parties, what is their status in this regard, will they send the references to the Election Commission in this regard, the references are legally valid, the court approved the writ for regular hearing, the presidents and general secretaries of the parliamentary parties. Notices have been issued to present the stand by themselves or through a lawyer. Among the political parties that are coming in this regard are Pakistan Muslim League-N Azad Kashmir, Pakistan Peoples Party Azad Kashmir, All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference, MQM Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party, Jamiat Ulema Islam Jammu Kashmir, Jamaat-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir are included. It should be noted that in the Political Parties Act, under which political parties are registered, the punishment for wrong registration has also been set while its Therefore, it is necessary that the person registering the political party should be a state subject, a In the Act, the tenure of office bearers has also been fixed for three years.

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