Sardar Amjad Abbasi A Kashmiri Labourer Becomes UK’s Youngest Mayor


Muzaffarabad: (Azadi Times), Sardar Amjad Abbasi, a poor laborer from Azad Kashmir, has become the youngest mayor in the history of the UK’s largest town of Harvest. He was elected mayor at the age of 46, after living in the UK for 16 years.

Abbasi’s story is one of determination and hard work. He came to the UK with a loan and worked as a laborer to make ends meet. He eventually saved enough money to start his own business, and he has since become a successful entrepreneur.

Abbasi is a role model for young people in Azad Kashmir. He shows that it is possible to achieve success, no matter where you come from. He is also a source of pride for the entire region.

In an interview, Abbasi said that he was “humbled and honored” to be elected mayor. He said that he would work hard to represent the people of Harvest and to make the town a better place to live.

Abbasi’s election is a significant moment for Azad Kashmir. It shows that the Kashmiris are talented people who are making their mark on the world. It is also a source of inspiration for young people in Azad Kashmir, who can now see that anything is possible if they work hard and never give up on their dreams.

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