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NewsEditorial: Self-determination Day, where to go Kashmir?

Editorial: Self-determination Day, where to go Kashmir?


Self-determination Day, where to go Kashmir?

Written by: Abdul Wajid Khan

Kashmiris living around the world have been celebrating the Right to Self-Determination Day for 74 years on January 5. The most important point of these two resolutions is that it is emphasized settle this issue on the basis of the principle of right of self-determination.


Since the resolution of January 5 was passed later and with some modifications, it is considered as the basis for the resolution of the dispute. The first point of the January 5 resolution is that the issue of the accession of the state of Jammu and Kashmir to India or Pakistan will be resolved through the democratic method of free and impartial referendum. The second point states that the referendum will take place when the commission is satisfied that the arrangements for the referendum on the ceasefire and peace agreement have been completed. The Secretary-General shall then, in agreement with the United Nations Commission, nominate a poll moderator who is of high international standing and generally regarded as trustworthy. His regular appointment will be done by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir. Thus, in these resolutions, the management of untangling the tangled issue of Kashmir has been proposed after much hard work and long deliberation. After Pakistan did its part, India’s intention changed and instead of withdrawing troops from the state and making the environment conducive for referendum, India adopted a strategy of continuing its occupation.


This changed intention of India became the scourge of South Asia. Despite the passage of a long time, these resolutions have not yet been implemented, although there are two types of UN resolutions, in which one type of resolution has the status of advice and opinion, and the other type of resolution is implemented by force. Is. The resolutions of the United Nations in Kashmir are classified as consultative resolutions. The United Nations developed these resolutions when the Kashmir war between Pakistan and India was in full swing. India had not yet been able to gain control over Kashmir. Due to land distance, India was facing difficulty in supplying arms and manpower to Kashmir, on the contrary, Pakistan was in a more superior position in the war of Kashmir due to its proximity. Kashmiri people also voluntarily participated in this war. The regular army of Azad Kashmir was also supporting the Pakistan Army. Unable to deal with this situation, Indian Prime Minister Pandit Nehru knocked on the door of the United Nations and thus the Kashmir issue became a global issue instead of a war between two countries. The long-term series of discussion and analysis for the solution of the Kashmir problem has started in the United Nations. During the same meetings, the Indian representatives in the United Nations repeatedly announced that as soon as there is peace in Kashmir, public opinion polls will be arranged. The United Nations resolutions also talked about giving Kashmiris the right to self-determination, but after the ceasefire, India reneged on its promises. Instead of giving Kashmiris the right to self-determination, India started efforts to consolidate its hold on Occupied Kashmir. Thus, UN resolutions were practically trashed.


The United Nations has not shown any interest in implementing its resolutions on Kashmir. During this period, India made every possible effort to change the administrative form of Kashmir and the ground situation, and India was successful in this, but it could not change the biggest fact which was related to the emotions and feelings of Kashmiris. The Kashmiri people have not recognized India’s occupation even for a moment, till now Kashmiris are advancing the demand for self-determination by sacrificing millions of lives. With the passage of months and years, both Pakistan and India have emerged as nuclear powers.


On August 5, 2019, India ended the Kashmir issue by attacking the special identity of Kashmir. Despite the worst siege, Indian efforts to tame the sentiments of Kashmiris have failed. This organization of the United Nations, which plays an emotional role in implementing its resolutions in different countries of the world under the interests of the United States, has turned a deaf ear in Kashmir. The dangerous terrorist group has said many times to move towards Kashmir and to what extent they also have influence in Srinagar. Therefore, for the sake of peace, the international organization should focus on the solution of the Kashmir issue. If the United Nations declares the right of Kashmiris to self-determination, according to which a referendum should be organized and it should be clearly written on the ballot paper that you want to join Pakistan or India and this will be the decisive stage, it should be organized immediately, otherwise Kashmir This spark could be a prelude to a major and horrific clash between the two nuclear nations.

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