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Shaukat Javaid Mir Highlights Need for Progressive Educational Policies

Islamabad (Azadi Times): The Central Deputy Secretary of Information for the Pakistan Peoples Party Azad Kashmir and the nominated candidate for Assembly Constituency 7, Shaukat Javaid Mir, has stated that modern conveniences of information technology have constructed bridges between the pen, books, and the Himalayas, opening avenues for enhanced education, research pursuits, dialogue, and literary artistry.

The surge in educational standards, exploration, and literary discourse due to these advancements signifies a monumental shift. Departing from the celestial principles of Islam has led to regression, while non-religious forces, through scholarly pursuits, have erected intellectual bastions akin to Chand Band Bastiyan.

“We are still ensnared in the era of stone, archaic customs, and the bloody claws of Western civilization,” he added. “Governments in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, while capitalizing on educational experts and the modern global educational system, must alleviate the burden of uniform educational curriculums and textbooks to liberate the new generation from mental and intellectual constraints.”

He stressed the imperative need for legislation to ensure the remuneration and provisions for the esteemed teachers in private educational institutions akin to government bodies. “The greatest injustice in society is the lack of scientific pursuit,” he emphasized.

These sentiments were articulated by him during a significant gathering at the Federal Capital, addressing a renowned educational institution’s annual results and prize distribution ceremony.

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He remarked, “Education, upbringing, and integrity serve as the cornerstone of self-assessment and propel nations to greater heights. The acquisition of knowledge is the pinnacle of humanity’s ascent.”

The competition in educational endeavors between governmental and private educational institutions is highly promising and serves as a beacon of hope for future generations.

“Our society’s social temperament is meandering towards accumulating degrees rather than acquiring knowledge, which has led us down the abyss of intellectual degradation and falsification. The external school system has diligently focused on modern education and the upbringing of the new generation, achieving significant success in the educational jihad,” he highlighted. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has mandated the pursuit of knowledge as a divine gift upon every Muslim man and woman, from the cradle to the grave.

Azad Kashmir has witnessed substantial relief from educational challenges to students, thanks to the establishment of several educational institutions, including three medical colleges, women’s universities, and cadet colleges. Principal Adnan Aziz and his brother Tahir Aziz, through relentless efforts, have illuminated society through the light of knowledge and earned a livelihood through lawful means, becoming the catalysts for the well-being of countless households.

Prior to this, during the ceremony, Shaukat Javaid Mir, felicitated and distributed medals and shields among outstanding students who demonstrated exceptional performance.

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