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Sheer Afzal Marwat Alleges Worst Rigging in History; Claims Victory in 182 Seats Despite Restrictions

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ISLAMABAD: (Azadi Times) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Sheer Afzal Marwat has stated that the recent elections witnessed the worst rigging in history, as he addressed a press conference.

He mentioned that despite facing restrictions and being prevented from running a full-fledged campaign, PTI managed to collect Form 45s and secured victories in 182 constituencies.

Marwat emphasized that PTI faced limitations imposed by the Election Commission and was not allowed to set up camps on polling day. He criticized the Election Commission’s decision to allocate symbols such as brinjal and chappal, stating that despite these challenges, the public has given them a mandate.

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Furthermore, the PTI leader highlighted that MQM failed to secure a single seat, and the seats won by PTI have been handed over to MQM. He expressed confidence in PTI’s ability to form governments in both the center and Punjab without the need for alliances.

Marwat’s remarks come amidst ongoing debates and controversies surrounding the fairness and transparency of the recently held elections in Pakistan. As political tensions continue to escalate, parties are voicing their concerns and demands for electoral reforms to ensure free and fair elections in the future.

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