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Hattian BalaSrinagar-Muzaffarabad road barricaded by Jhelum Valley administration amid protests and shutdown

Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road barricaded by Jhelum Valley administration amid protests and shutdown

Hattian Bala: The Jhelum Valley Joint Action Committee’s call for a shutdown has plunged the entire district of Jhelum Valley into chaos. Hattian Bala, a town and Jhelum Valley District headquarters in Jammu and Kashmir witnessed a complete shutdown as businesses closed their shutters and wheels of commerce came to a grinding halt. The call for a strike persisted for the third consecutive day, with no signs of abating.

The unrest spread like wildfire, with internet services suspended across the district from Saturday night, causing inconvenience not only to the general public but also to journalists striving to fulfill their professional duties. Despite the imposition of Section 144, protests continued in Hattian Bala, Chanari, and Chakothi, where demonstrators voiced their grievances against the government.

The atmosphere in Jhelum Valley has become tense, with rising prices of essential commodities adding fuel to the fire of discontent among the populace. The Joint Action Committee, led by vocal opposition figure Chaudhry Anwar-ul-Haq, has intensified its rhetoric against the government’s policies, labeling them as incompetent and indifferent to the people’s plight.

The protests have paralyzed normal life in Hattian Bala, Chakothi, Chanari, and other major markets of the district. Despite the restrictions, demonstrators remain undeterred, vowing to march towards Muzaffarabad, the capital city, to join the central procession. Organizers have reiterated their commitment to peaceful protest, rejecting any attempts by the government to suppress their movement.

In a bold statement, protesters condemned the government’s decision to disrupt internet services, labeling it as a blatant violation of fundamental rights. They demanded an immediate restoration of internet services and warned of further escalation if their demands were not met promptly.

The situation in Jhelum Valley reflects a growing discontent among the people, reminiscent of historic protests in the region. From Bimber to Taobutt and Chakothi to Kohala, the entire state seems to be engulfed in a wave of dissent rarely witnessed before. The government’s reliance on force and propaganda to quell the movement has only fueled the flames of resistance, highlighting its inability to address the grievances of the populace.

As the standoff between the government and protesters intensifies, the future remains uncertain. However, one thing is clear: the people of Jhelum Valley are determined to continue their struggle until their voices are heard and their rights are respected.

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