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Historic Milestone as Cameroon Launches First Malaria Vaccine in Official Capacity

NewsHistoric Milestone as Cameroon Launches First Malaria Vaccine in Official Capacity

In a significant leap forward in the fight against malaria, Cameroon has officially initiated the use of the first-ever malaria vaccine, a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle against the mosquito-borne disease.

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The vaccine, known as RTS,S, underwent successful trials in 2019 and 2021, garnering approval for use in Ghana as well. However, it is in Cameroon that the vaccine has been first introduced for official use.

Primarily designed for children, RTS,S is adaptable for use in older demographics as well, although the initial phase focuses on administering it to children, particularly those up to the age of five.

Administering the vaccine involves a series of four doses, aligning with the standard protocol for various childhood vaccines. Health experts assert that these doses can be conveniently administered simultaneously.

Trials of the RTS,S vaccine have showcased its effectiveness not only in preventing malaria but also in decreasing mortality rates among individuals suffering from the disease.

The continent of Africa bears the brunt of malaria’s impact, with over 90% of the 600,000 annual global malaria-related deaths occurring in the region. This groundbreaking initiative in Cameroon marks a crucial step in addressing the high incidence of malaria in Africa.

Following its launch in Cameroon, expectations are high that the vaccine will soon see deployment in other African nations. Subsequently, there are indications that the vaccine may find its way to regions beyond Africa, including America and Asia.

The deployment of the malaria vaccine in Cameroon is a testament to ongoing global efforts to combat infectious diseases, marking a significant stride towards safeguarding vulnerable populations, especially children, against the pervasive threat of malaria.

As the campaign gains momentum, it is anticipated that similar efforts will be mirrored across the African continent and beyond, ushering in a new era in the global fight against malaria.

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