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NewsValuable Cedar Tree Cut Down in Hattian Bala

Hattian Bala: (Azadi Times) A valuable cedar tree worth lakhs of rupees was cut down in the Chinari range of Hattian Bala Division on Monday.

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The tree cut down with the connivance of forest department officials, who allegedly stood by and watched as the tree was cut down with a chainsaw. The remains of the tree were then set on fire in an attempt to erase the evidence.

The cutting of the tree is a serious violation of the government ban on tree cutting, which was imposed in order to protect the national forests. The ban was imposed after it was revealed that a large number of trees were being cut down illegally in the region.

The cutting of the cedar tree is a major setback for the efforts to protect the national forests in Hattian Bala. The tree was a valuable asset to the forest, and its cutting will have a negative impact on the environment.

The forest department has suspended the range officer of Chinari range, but this is not enough. The government needs to take strong action against the officials who were involved in the cutting of the tree. A judicial commission should be formed to investigate the matter and to ensure that the guilty are brought to justice.

The cutting of the cedar tree is a reminder of the need to protect our national forests. We need to be vigilant and report any illegal tree-cutting activities to the authorities. We also need to support the government’s efforts to protect our forests.

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