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Wound healing bandage

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In this modern era, experts are creating unique things that were never imagined before. In this regard, experts have developed a bandage that can heal very old wounds. It has been developed by Stanford University experts.

A patch consisting of hydrogel and an electrical circuit has been created on this strip, with encouraging results. Jiancheng Lai and his team coated a 100-micron-thin polymer layer on top of the two-layer strip, on which all the circuits are built. Beneath this is an elastic layer that consists of hydrogel and is applied directly to the wound.

Importantly, it also has biosensors that record temperature and electrical activity (impedance). As the wound progresses, the impedance increases and the temperature of the wound starts to decrease. Now, if the healing process is slow, it automatically discharges electricity.

This causes the old wounds to heal faster and accelerates the regeneration of skin cells. Along with this, the wound bacteria also start to die. By attaching a thin radio antenna to the strip, its details can be transmitted to a smartphone app. For this, there will be no need to open the bandage again and again. When the strip is heated to 40 degrees Celsius, the hydrogel separates automatically.

When it was tested on wounds, it increased the speed of healing by 25 percent and the rate of new skin formation by 50 percent, but it will take some time to be produced on a commercial scale. According to experts, it is possible to add more sensors including the rate of metabolites, biomarkers and pH etc. The smart bandage acts automatically, heals the wound and can transmit its details to a smartphone. It will be very beneficial for diabetes patients.

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