Saturday, October 1, 2022

Golibaaz Shehbaz government has neither cure for inflation nor medicine for pain: Mons Elahi

During floods and dengue, people have become victims of non-availability of basic medicines like Panadol and blackouts: QL leader — Photo: File

PML-Q leader Munis Elahi has criticized the federal government for the shortage of fever pill pills in the country and said that this Golibaz Shehbaz government has no cure for inflation and no medicine for the pain of the people.

He said that the poor people who are fed up with expensive electricity, gas, oil, flour, pulses, vegetables, ghee, etc. will now take Panadol pills on black.

Munis Elahi said on the shortage of Panadol that during floods and dengue, the people have become victims of unavailability of basic medicine like Panadol and blackouts.

It should be noted that there has been a shortage of fever pill Panadol across the country and it is not available and if it is available it is being sold to people at high cost. was done

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