Thursday, October 6, 2022

No Shahro Feroze: Canals cut to save lands of influential people, 500 villages under water

More than 500 villages were submerged due to cutting of canals and more than one lakh citizens were affected/Photofile

More than 500 villages were submerged due to the indifference of influential people in the district of No Shahro Feroze of Sindh province.

In order to protect their gardens and lands, the influential people made illegal cuts in the canals, which turned the rainwater into floodgates.

More than 500 villages were flooded and more than 100,000 citizens were affected due to cutting of canals.

On the other hand, the Indus Link canal embankment adjacent to Bhan Saeedabad city has burst at various places, as a result of which the water has started moving rapidly towards the populated areas.

Apart from this, more than 70 villages of Union Council Bhambha and Sheikh were submerged due to which cotton, potato and onion fields were submerged in water.

In Padaidan, hundreds of villages are still standing under several feet of water, while the victims have not received any assistance from the government so far.

Flood victims say children are desperate for food and fighting diseases.

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