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Create 1 Month’s Content In 1 Day!: 25 Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing

BlogCreate 1 Month's Content In 1 Day!: 25 Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing

Do you know that today a blog can be written in just half an hour and only 20 to 25 minutes is enough time to edit a video?

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But how is all this possible? A person usually takes a day to write a blog and 3 to 4 hours to edit a 5-minute video.

But, AI tools have made this work much easier.

In the last 2-3 years, the involvement of AI tools in the world of digital marketing has increased significantly. Today, Artificial Intelligence tools have taken Content Creation, Image Editing, Video Production, and Business Operations to a new level. Today, we are looking at how AI tools have helped brands and marketers achieve their objectives with more creativity.

According to a report, more than $200 Billion will be invested globally in AI in the year 2024. In such a situation, it is legitimate to ask what are AI tools and what is their role in digital marketing (AI Tools in Digital Marketing).

Well, today’s blog is on this topic, where we will understand AI Tools in Hindi and see the Best AI Tools List.

What are AI Tools? – AI Tools Meaning

AI tools are software that can think, learn, calculate, and take precise actions based on user input. These tools understand a lot of information in a fraction of a second and make decisions based on user queries keeping many factors in mind. They are used for many purposes like creating online advertisements, diagnosing diseases, keeping track of money, and much more.

The special thing about AI Tools is that they work very quickly and accurately. With their help, we can make our work better. Suppose, you have to create an advertisement for your shop, then AI Tools can tell you which advertisement will work better.

In this blog, we will talk about some such AI tools that make the tasks of a digital marketer easier. Hope you have understood what AI Tools are.

Let us now move ahead and understand the 30 Best AI Tools For Digital Marketers.

25 Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing

Let’s see the list of dedicated AI tools for different verticals of digital marketing.  


Best AI Tools For Content Writing


1. ChatGPT

One of the Most Popular AI Tools For Content Writing is ChatGPT . It was developed by OpenAI in 2022.

Its user-friendly interface works like any other chatbot where you ask direct questions and you get answers.

It has been trained for the information available on the Internet so that it is capable of answering every question.

Free To Use: ChatGPT is a free-to-use tool, but its free version is capable of giving information before the year 2021. In such a situation, if you want the latest information then you will have to purchase its premium version.

More Than 50 Languages: If you have some difficulty in English then you can ask your questions in more than 50 languages.

180 Million Users: The number of monthly users of ChatGPT has reached 180 Million (18 crores) and within one year of launching, 1.7 Billion people have visited it, which is a record in itself.

2. Google Gemini

Bard AI Model, launched by Google in 2023, is becoming a growing Chatbot that is continuously competing with ChatGPT. We can also call it the Best AI Tool Like ChatGPT.

Google has changed its name from Bard to Gemini.

Google Gemini can chat with users, answer their questions, have interactive conversations, and do effective content writing.

Advanced AI Technologies, such as LaMDA, PaLM, MusicLM, etc. have been used in it, which makes it capable of understanding different types of information and giving accurate answers to them.

Voice-Based Interaction: The best feature of Google Gemini is its Voice-Based Interaction, where you can get answers to your questions by speaking.

Image and Video Analysis: With the help of Google Gemini, you can take the description of any image or video. You put your image in it and it will explain that image.

40+ Supportive Languages: This AI tool can understand more than 40 languages ​​which makes it a Best AI Language Tool (Best AI Tool Similar to ChatGPT).


3. Writer

Writer is a Full Stack Generative AI Platform built for Enterprises. This platform gives higher-quality outputs by combining various AI tools. Therefore it has been placed in the list of Best AI Tools For Content Writing.

Integrated Platform for Enterprise AI: Writer provides an Integrated AI Platform, which connects different AI tools. With this, enterprises get higher quality outputs.

Productivity and Creativity: By using Writer, enterprises can maximize their productivity and creativity. It gives High-Quality Output and Accurate Insights.

Secure and Business Ready: The Writer is very secure in terms of data privacy, security, and compliance. It features SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and Privacy Shield compliance.

Writer is a powerful AI tool that helps enterprises in their growth and productivity, as well as provides them with secure and efficient AI solutions.


4. Copy.ai

Next in the Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing list is Copy.ai. It is an AI Powered Copywriting Tool, which generates high-quality marketing copy.

This tool is capable of automating various sales and marketing tasks. This is the best AI tool for content writing today.

AI-Powered Marketing and Sales Automation: Copy.ai automates various sales and marketing tasks, thereby simplifying workflow and saving time.

Marketing and Sales OS: This platform provides an integrated AI solution for Marketing and Sales, which automates processes and optimizes performance.

Zero Retention Data Policy: Copy.ai works with Zero Retention Data Policy, so that user inputs are not used for training, and data privacy is maintained.

2000+ Integrations: This platform has the facility of 2000+ Integrations, which makes data transition easy.


5. Jasper

Jasper.ai is an AI Copilot that helps marketers a lot. This tool not only gives faster outputs, but those outputs are also accurate.

Jasper is an advanced AI tool that helps marketing teams in their content creation and campaign management, while also ensuring data security and privacy.

AI-Assisted Content Creation: Jasper makes the process from Idea to Execution faster and better through AI-Assisted Content Creation. This includes On Brand AI Assistance, Campaigns, and Art Development.

Team Acceleration: Jasper streamlines project management, content creation and repackaging, and review and optimization, increasing team efficiency.

Analytics and Insights: This tool provides actionable insights and one-click optimization to improve marketing outcomes.

Security and Data Privacy: Jasper High-Level Security Data Privacy Features GDPR Compliance, Built In Privacy, Secure API।

By learning these in-demand Digital Marketing Skills, you can also start your career or increase the growth of your business.


Best AI Tools for Image Generation and Editing


6. FROM-E 2

DALL-E 2 comes first in Best AI Tools for Photo Editing. This AI system can create realistic images from normal text. All you have to do is write a description in words, and a visually appealing image appears in front of you.

4X More Resolution: The resolution in the generated pictures of DALL-E 2 is very good which results in realistic & accurate images.

Inpainting and Variations: The inpainting feature of DALL-E 2 performs realistic edits in which elements are added and removed using Shadows, Reflections, etc. Also, with the help of its Variation Feature, this tool can create different Variations of Images inspired by the Original Image.

Outpainting: This tool further expands your original image and adds and removes realistic elements from it, thereby creating a wonderful image.

Because of all these features, it has become the best Digital Marketing AI tool.

7. Mid Journey

It is not possible that we are talking about Top AI Tools For Photo Editing and there is no mention of  Midjourney in it.

Midjourney is a Text Image Generation Tool that is currently in the Beta Phase. To use it, you have to connect to its Discord Channel.

Free To Use Images: Whatever images you generate, you can use them anywhere without giving credit.

Four Images At Once: Whenever you give it a text prompt, it generates and gives you 4 images in about a minute.

Best For Designers, Marketers, and Businesses: Midjourney is a great option for Designers, Marketers, and Businesses, through which they can generate the pictures going on in their minds in real.

8. Playground AI

Playground AI is a very powerful AI Image Generation Tool, which turns even a beginner into a Pro Designer. In this, you can generate any type of image by giving different prompts.

Different Styles: On Playground AI you can generate images in multiple styles, like – Cinematic, Wallart, Spielberg, etc.

Mixed Image Editing: In this you get the facility to blend your real and any artificial image from where you get a more attractive image of your imagination.

Outpainting: With this tool, you can expand your actual image from its edges so that you get a more detailed picture.

Apart from this, you can change the background of your object and apply a realistic background, place the object in any scene, and create an attractive image by combining different objects.

You can use Playground AI for free in which you can create up to 500 images every day. Therefore this Free AI Tool For Digital Marketing becomes a very important tool.


9. Neural.love

Next on the list of Top AI Tools For Image Generation is Neural.love This is an easy-to-use tool in which you generate photos in different styles (anime painting, photo, sci-fi, etc.).

In-built Prompt Generator: Its In-built Prompt Generator gives you the freedom to select the prompt so that you can generate the right image with the accurate prompt.

Multiple Photo Generation Options: Here you can use features like Photo Enhancement, Photo Restoration, Face Recovery, and Image Sharpness.

Excellent Rating: Neural.love has got 4.74 ratings out of 5 which shows its capability.

Best AI Tools for Video Editing and Generation

10. Synthesia

Synthesia is one of the best AI tools for video generation. With its help, you can create an Artificial Human Avatar and with its help, you can generate your AI Video.

You get the following facilities on Synthesia:

Text to AI Video Conversion: You can convert any Text, PDFs, and PowerPoints into Attractive Video.

140+ AI Avatars: With their help, you can make your videos quite engaging. You can also create your own AI Avatar.

Natural Sounding Voice in 120+ Languages: This is like a Real Human Voice and you can target your audience in different countries.

Easy Editing: You do not need to be a coder or have any high-level learning, you can do editing just by Drag & Slide.

Free Demo: You get a Free Demo and its Starter Pricing Plan starts from $22 Monthly where you get 120 Minutes of Video Per Year, 70+ AI Avatars, and 120+ Languages ​​and Voices.

25 Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing In Hindi - AI Tools for Video Editing and Generation

11. Runway

Next on the list of Best AI Tools For Video Editing is Runway. Through this AI Video Editing Tool, you will be able to edit any video within minutes, like removing background, adding subtitles, adding effects, etc.

Generate Video From Scratch: You can edit your Raw Video right from Scratch.

Different Video Editing Features: Its advanced editing features include painting out objects, removing objects from the video, and converting regular video to slo-mo video.

Text to Video and Image to Video: Through Runway you can also produce Text to Video and Image to Video.


12. Patching

Fliki is one of the best AI Tools for Video Editing, with the help of which you can convert a Blog, Tweet, PPT, etc. into an Attractive Video. All you have to do is enter the URL of your blog, and Fliki does a voiceover with your chosen voice, summarizes the entire blog finds relevant visuals in it, and generates a great video.

Millions of Stock Media: Fliki has a Huge Stock Library from where media is available to make the video Engaging & Attractive.

2000+ text-to-text-to-speech voices Across 75+ Languages: Its AI-powered voice Generator creates a professional quality voice.

More than 30 lakh Users: More than 30 lakh people including Content Creators, Educators, Marketers, etc. use it.

Best AI Tools for Music and Voice Generation


13. HE WAS

AIVA, a Personal AI Music Generation Assistant, lets you generate new songs in over 250 different styles in just seconds. Whether you are a beginner in music making or a seasoned professional, AIVA’s Generative AI helps you create your songs.

Ultimate Customizability: AIVA lets you create your Style Models, upload Audio or MIDI Influences, and edit generated tracks.

No Licensing Required: With AIVA’s Pro Plan, you can own the full copyright of the generated music and monetize it without any restrictions.

Pricing Plans: AIVA offers various pricing plans, ranging from Free Plan to Pro Plan, which support different use cases and monetization options.

AIVA is an AI Music Generation Tool that helps music creators in their creative process and allows them to customize and monetize their music.

25 Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing In Hindi - AI Tools for Music and Voice Generation


14. Loudly

The next name in Best AI Tools For Music Generation is Loudly. It is an AI Powered Music Tool designed for Modern Creators. It provides 100% royalty-free music.

With its help, you can generate AI Music for your Digital Projects in a very short time.

Video to Music Recommendation: Loudly analyze your video and suggest the perfect soundtrack. This feature makes your creative work even easier.

Royalty-Free Music Catalog: You can explore thousands of Songs, Streams, and Sounds, which you can customize for your project.

AI Music Solutions: Loudly is a Powerful Music Solution for Content Creators, Startups, SMEs, Filmmakers, and Multimedia Artists. It enhances your visuals with Unique AI Music.

15. Murf

Murf, a versatile AI voice generator, offers 120+ realistic text-to-speech voices in 20 languages. It lets you easily convert text to voice, making it possible to create perfect AI voiceovers.

AI Enabled, Real People’s Voices: Using Murf’s lifelike AI Voices, you can create studio-quality voice overs for Podcasts, Videos, and Professional Presentations.

Diverse AI Voices: Murf has a variety of AI Voices available for Creative, Corporate, and Entertainment. It can provide any type of voice as per your need.

Effortlessly Unique: You can generate high-quality music in just a few seconds using Murf. With its AI-Powered Music Search, you also get great song recommendations as per your concept.

Royalty-Free Songs, Stems, and Sounds: Murf’s Royalty Free Music Catalog lets you choose music by filtering according to Genre, Mood, Theme, Energy, etc.

16. FakeYou

FakeYou is a deep fake text-to-speech website that lets you generate audio or video in the voice of your favorite characters. This is especially useful for content creators and those who want to add personality to their messages.

Text to Speech: You can generate audio from text. It converts your text messages into the voice of your favorite character.

Voice to Voice: Through this feature, you can convert your voice into another voice. It transforms your speaking voice into the voice of your favorite character.

Voice Designer: FakeYou also lets you create your own AI voice. This is a new and exciting feature that helps you create your custom AI voice.

Face Animator: With this, you can convert photos into animated lip-synced videos. Just a picture and some audio is required.

FakeYou is a great tool for giving your creative projects a customized look, giving you the ability to present your messages and voice differently.

Best AI Tools for Business

17. Looka

Looka is a Top AI Tool For Businesses through which you can design logo-making and Visually Appealing Branding Materials.

Brand Kit: Looka’s Brand Kit instantly creates hundreds of branded marketing materials using your logo, colors, and fonts.

Social Media Templates: Looka’s Brand Kit provides ready-to-go versions of your logo for social media. You can also customize your profile and cover photos.

Business Card Designs: With Brand Kit, you can generate and customize business cards. 20 Professional Quality Design Templates are available in it.

Looka works like a personal designer for your business, making your brand great with the help of AI and creative control.

18. Jitter

Jitter is a fast and simple motion design tool that helps creators design stunning animated content and interfaces. It is especially useful for On Brand Animated UIs, Videos, Social Media Posts, Websites, Apps, and Logos.

Animation presets: Using preset animations in Jitter, you can quickly make additions to your layers and customize them later.

Seamless Integration with Tools: It allows importing designs from Figma in one click. Integration for Sketch and Adobe XD will also be available soon.

Export Options: Jitter lets you export your content in 4K Video, GIF, and Lottie formats, which are great for sharing on social media, apps, and websites.

19. Weblium

Weblium is an advanced AI website builder, which is an easy platform to create professional websites. It is designed for those individuals who want to establish their online presence without coding or design skills.

AI-Powered Design: Weblium’s AI software makes the design process easy, giving you customizable options.

Ready to Use Templates: Different templates are available in this tool suitable for different business types.

Ecommerce Capabilities: It also facilitates the design of online stores, including Product Listings, Notifications, and Order Management Systems.

Websites built on Weblium are also optimized for mobile devices. This platform includes built-in SEO and marketing tools that help increase the visibility of the website and attract more visitors to it.

25 Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing In Hindi - AI Tools for Business

20. AdCreative.ai

AdCreative.ai is a popular AI publishing tool that is making it easier and better to generate ad creatives. This is an important tool for advertisers and brands who want to create high-conversion creatives using advanced Artificial Intelligence.

AI-Generated Ad Creatives: This platform uses AI to rapidly create Conversion Focused Ad Creatives, which are likely to get 14 times higher conversion rates than non-data-backed creatives.

Text and Headline Generation: AdCreative.ai also works as an AI Copywriter, which generates sales-focused texts and headlines for specific advertising platforms.

Competitor Ad Analysis: This platform provides the facility to analyze the top-performing ads of competitors, which helps in refining your advertising strategies.

Boost.ai is an AI AI-powered platform that uses Chat and Voice Bots to Automate Customer Service. It helps in creating personalized connections between your brand and customers, which increases customer satisfaction.

GenE Empowered: Generative AI is used in this, which creates a better balance of Creativity and Control.

Omnichannel Experience: This platform provides consistent and high-quality interactions across all customer touchpoints.

24/7 Service: Boost.ai is always available to your customers and provides reliable support that exceeds customer expectations.

22. Tom

Tome is one of the best tools for PPT that helps in creating Multimedia Presentations, Microsites, and other things using AI.

AI-Powered Creation: Starting from any prompt, you can create a compelling starting point for your presentation in minutes.

Versatile Use Cases: Using Tome you can create Presentations, One-Pagers, Microsites, and more.

Rich, Interactive Experiences: This tool turns your static pages into rich, interactive experiences.

Easy Sharing and Viewing: Tome’s presentations can be easily shared and viewed on any device.

23. Timely

Timely is an AI Powered Time Tracking Software that helps you track your time accurately. With this, you can easily report your Client, Project, and Work Hours.

Automatic Time Tracking: Timely automates time tracking for you and your team, so you can stay focused on what matters.

Precise Daily Record: This software provides accurate records of time spent in Documents, Meetings, Emails, Websites, and Video Calls.

Project and Team Tracking: Timely monitor budgets, hours, and activities in real-time, so you can manage your projects and teams more effectively.

24. Zapier

Zapier is a Workflow Automation Tool that automates your work with 6,000+ App Integrations, so you can focus on what matters most.

Automated Workflows: Zapier helps you create customized automated workflows for your business.

App Integration: It integrates your critical work apps into Workflows, which saves your time and you can focus on other important work.

AI Tools: Zapier provides you with AI tools to create Zaps, so you don’t need to write code.

Custom AI Chatbots: This lets you create custom AI Chatbots, so you can prepare answers to customer questions in advance.

25. Besides

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that helps creators monetize their knowledge and expertise. Whether you want to create courses or podcasts, Kajabi has it all.

Kajabi is a user-friendly and versatile platform that helps creators build and grow their digital businesses.

Creator Community: By joining Kajabi’s Creator Community, you can get ideas and tips from other creators and experts.

Kajabi University: Here you get all types of training related to Kajabi and Digital Business.

Email Marketing and Landing Pages: You can use Email Campaigns and Customizable Landing Page Templates to reach your customers.


In the last few years, AI tools have opened up many opportunities in the field of digital marketing. Today, with the help of AI tools, Effective & Fast Content Creation, Image and Video Editing, Music Generation, and Business Operations are being made even easier and more effective.

By using all these AI tools, we can not only save our time and resources but also make our work more efficient and attractive.

But the question arises of how to use these tools practically.

Well, we all know that along with theoretical knowledge, it is very important to have practical knowledge, so I will teach you to use all these important AI tools practically.

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