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How To Earn Money From Mobile: 9 Best Ways To Earn 1 Lakh Per Month

BlogHow To Earn Money From Mobile: 9 Best Ways To Earn 1 Lakh Per Month

Do you also want to earn one lakh per month, that too without any computer or laptop? Well, this sounds like a big thing, but in today’s digital age, it is possible. You can earn good money using a mobile without even leaving your home.

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I know, many kinds of questions might be coming into your mind and you might be thinking,

What are the things required to earn money from mobile?
Can one earn money from a mobile while sitting at home?
What is the guarantee that there will be no fraud in this process?

Well, today’s blog is on this topic where we will tell you how to earn money from Mobile and what are the Best 9 Ways through which it is possible to earn money from a Smartphone.

So let’s start today’s blog.

What are the things required to earn money from mobile?

To earn money from mobile, you need some important things, which include:

Mobile Phone: To earn money from mobile, the first requirement is mobile.

You should have a good mobile phone, which can make your work easier. The mobile should be such that photo editing, video editing, writing, etc. can be done easily.

Good Internet: The second thing to earn money from mobile at home is a good Internet connection.

You don’t need to get an expensive Wi-Fi connection, your phone’s Internet can also work, provided its networking speed is good.

Digital Marketing Knowledge: The third and most important thing is how to earn money from mobile is the knowledge of digital marketing. Digital Marketing is a broad field that includes many other skill sets, such as services like Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Paid Ads, and Social Media Management.

When you learn digital marketing, you can become better in other skills and earn money by providing your services to people.

So let us move ahead in our blog and understand what are the best skills that can be learned to earn money from mobile.

How to earn money from mobile by learning Digital Marketing – 9 Best Ways

1. Through freelancing

Freelancing is the first way to earn money from mobile. This is a great skill through which you can earn good money using a mobile.

Freelancing is different from a normal 9 – 5 job where you can work not for one company but for multiple companies or clients.

To work for clients, you have to provide them with some services, like Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Video Editing, PPC Ads, Social Media Management, etc.

You can learn any In Demand Marketing Skill as per your choice and Market Demand and earn money by freelancing from mobile.

Now the question arises where to find clients for freelancing?

Well, for this you can create your profile on Freelancing Platforms, such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Truelancer, Guru, etc., and bid on the projects uploaded there.

Apart from this, you can join Facebook Groups and post there that you have this skill and you charge this much for it. In groups where there are thousands of members, people will see your post and some will also contact you.

Also, you can start creating content related to your service on LinkedIn, from where gradually your content starts reaching your target customers and people start knowing about your service.

2. Create your YouTube Channel

If you want to know how to earn money from mobile and what is the best way to do it, then stay tuned to the blog.

YouTube Channel will help you a lot in earning money from mobile because it is a platform on which crores of people spend their time today.

After the arrival of Jio, with the availability of the internet in every house, many people have become viral just because of YouTube and are earning good money by making videos on mobile only without any computer.

This is a golden opportunity for you also where you can make your videos using mobile.

If you have any skill, you can also teach that skill to your viewers through YouTube and monetize your channel with methods like Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, and Brand Sponsorship.

You can teach Writing, Photoshop, and Canva, Video Editing, Advanced Excel, Vlogging, create Fact-based channels, create Shorts, and share them on Instagram & Facebook. You can, and by creating Infinite Channels, you can start earning money from your mobile itself.

3. Using Instagram and LinkedIn

When you learn a skill, you have to reach out to the right person to whom you can provide help with your skill.

Instagram & LinkedIn are two great platforms on which you can promote your skills through content creation.

For this, you do not even need a computer or laptop, because with the help of tools like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, VN Editor, and InShot, you can create Attractive Infographics, Carousel Posts, and Engaging Reels.

In this way, you can create your own Visually Appealing Content on mobile, and promote your services like Social Media Management Services, Content Writing & Copywriting Services, Video Editing Services, SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media Ads.

From mobile itself, you can analyze the interaction of your audience on Instagram & LinkedIn, track their activity, and see which of your posts are getting good engagement.

Apart from this, you can also earn money from mobile by promoting your business through Instagram. You can open an online store on Instagram, where you have to create appealing and targeted content to promote and reach the right customers.

4. Through Mobile Friendly Blogging

Blogging is also a good way through which you can earn online from mobile.

You can watch many such videos on YouTube in which people tell how they are earning thousands and lakhs of rupees per month by starting a blog through their phone without any computer.

To start a blog on any one topic you can choose Mobile Friendly Blogging Platforms, WordPress, and Medium.

Write a blog post on mobile, edit it, and also publish & promote it from mobile itself.

As traffic comes to it, new options will open for you to monetize your blog. You will be able to do Affiliate Marketing through it and monetize it with  Google AdSense and Sponsored Content (like Guest Post).

In this way, money can be earned from mobile also by blogging.

5. Sell Items Online

Sell Items Online

Ever since Online e-commerce platforms have come into the market, it has become easier to sell items online with the help of your phone. All these platforms are optimized for mobile. In such a situation, you can sell your products on your mobile and can also avail the facility of online payment.

To start, first of all, you have to decide your niche, after that, you have to finalize your products. By clicking the pictures of these products or items, you can post them on these platforms.

You don’t need to have only physical products, you can also sell digital products like E-books, Themes, Software, etc.

6. Create An Audiobook

Create An Audiobook

Today people are short of time. They want to get maximum information in less time. In such a situation, today people are more interested in listening to audiobooks instead of reading physical books.

The Audiobook industry is going to become a million-dollar industry in the coming time, so it is important that you also take advantage of it.

To create and sell an e-book on your phone, you need to:

  • You have to start writing a book by installing Microsoft Office or Google Docs or you can also narrate and record an existing book from your phone.
  • After that, you have to edit your voice recording and convert it into Mp3 format.
  • After the audiobook is ready, it has to be listed and promoted on platforms like Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.
  • Finally, you can track your sales and withdraw payments right from your phone.

7. By learning Affiliate Marketing

How to earn money from mobile sitting at home – The different answer to this is Affiliate Marketing.

In Affiliate Marketing, you earn money in the form of commission by promoting someone else’s products.

For this, you select products that are getting a good commission on selling and are relevant to your niche.

By selecting these products, you can promote your Affiliate Link through your Blog, Social Media, or YouTube.

You can use Quora where you have to answer questions related to your niche. If you answer using your knowledge and research, then there are chances that Quora will promote your answer.

You can also give your affiliate link in your answer, but keep in mind that you should not just talk about your products, provide an excellent solution, and recommend your product.

To do Affiliate Marketing from mobile, you will have to download the mobile application of some Affiliate Marketing Platforms and apply for their Affiliate Programs.

Once your registration is complete, these platforms will verify your application and after verification, you will be given an Affiliate ID.

8. Create and Sell E-books

The next way to earn money from mobile is by creating an e-book.

E-books are a smaller version of normal books, that is, the number of words in them is less.

To write an e-book, you can use Microsoft Office or Google Docs on your mobile.

In whatever subject you have a good interest in and knowledge, you can share your knowledge through e-books.

You can sell them on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Google Play, Sellfy, Payhip, etc.

In this way, you must have understood how to earn money online from mobile, in which you do not even need to leave the house.

9. Through Micro-Influencer Marketing

You must be aware of Influencer Marketing in which you create content on a specific category or niche and build your audience.

Well, Micro-Influencer Marketing is also similar, under which you create content on a micro topic or niche and establish your authority in it.

In Micro Influencing you can capture any popular niche, like Technology, Finance, Fitness, Yoga, etc.

As you keep sharing your knowledge in your niche, your content starts reaching the right people, people come to your channel and start checking you out and your targeted audience starts building.

Once you have a good number of followers, newly launched brands start coming to you for the promotion of their products, from where you start getting offers like Sponsorship and Affiliate product promotion.

Not only this, if you have chosen digital marketing as your niche and your influence has also started building in this niche, then you can provide consultation service along with brand sponsorship.

Here you can target people who have just started their social media journey and need the help of a person who has already grown their social media following.

To be successful in Micro-Influencer Marketing, you do not need any laptop or computer, just a mobile is enough to shoot videos and click photos.

Hope you have understood how to earn money from mobile with the help of Micro-Influencer Marketing.

Conclusion – How to earn money from mobile

Today, many sources of online earning have come for which there is no need to even leave the house.

Today people need such earning sources through which they can earn extra income along with their full-time job.

Earning from mobile is included in this sequence.

Thousands and lakhs of people search on Google how to earn money from mobile sitting at home. They want to know how to earn money from mobile without leaving the house.

Well, today’s blog was based on this topic, where we learned how to earn money from mobile, what are the online sources of earning money from mobile and what are the things we need for this.

We have explained all these methods to you theoretically and we sincerely hope that you have understood them. Now, if you want to know about other similar methods and want to understand practically how by learning skills like digital marketing you can earn up to lakh rupees per month in just a few months.

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