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What has been the inflation situation in the country, the statistics agency has released the data

According to the Bureau of Statistics, the price of tomatoes increased by 127.8 percent, lentils by 79.5 percent, vegetables by 67 percent, gram dal by 64.2 percent, cooking oil by 65.3 percent, ghee by 57.1 percent, and lentil mash by 56.3 percent. Photo: File

According to the data released by the Bureau of Statistics, the rate of inflation in urban areas was 21.2 percent after a decrease of 2.1 percent in September, while inflation in rural areas was 26.1 percent with an increase of 0.2 percent.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, the price of vegetables increased by 22.3%, dal-mung by 19.5%, potatoes by 17.4%, wheat by 15.3%, eggs by 14.2%, chicken by 13%, tea by 11.5% and gram flour by 9.7%.

In September, the price of ghee decreased by 4.50% while onion by 3.86%, lentils by 3.08%, cooking oil by 1.89%, sugar by 0.93% while electricity charges by 65.33% and motor vehicle by 2.43% on a monthly basis.

According to the statistics agency, on an annual basis, tomato has increased by 127.8%, lentils by 79.5%, vegetables by 67%, dal by 64.2%, cooking oil by 65.3%, ghee by 57.1%, dal mash by 56.3%.

According to the statistics agency data, wheat has increased by 55.3%, rice by 39.8%, motor fuel by 86.9% and stationery by 54.3% on an annual basis, while electricity charges have decreased by 30.4% on an annual basis.

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