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EditorialWhy Balochistan want independence from Pakistan? Written by: Dedig Khomari

Why Balochistan want independence from Pakistan? Written by: Dedig Khomari

EDITORIAL: Balochistan was not a part of Pakistan. It was an independent state with Kalat as its capital before 11 August 1947.

Pakistan took over the independence of Balochistan with its hooliganism and deceit. Although Balochistan is a region rich in natural resources, it has many minerals like coal, sulfur, chromite, iron, barytes, marble, quartzite, limestone, gold, copper, natural gas, and so on.

But the inhabitants of Balochistan, the owner of the mineral-rich coast, are going through a difficult time due to poverty, marginalization, and unemployment after the occupation.


The natural gas discovered in the Sui area of the Dera Bugti area of Balochistan, although it comes from Sui, it is supplying gas to the whole of Pakistan except Sui, Balochistan, and other districts of Balochistan are still deprived of gas. It shows that the common people of Balochistan have a deep and pervasive sense of deprivation, as a result of Pakistan’s current and decades of misguided policies. Balochistan lacks roads, schools, colleges, universities, a health system, gas, and electricity.


Although these are included in the essential units of man in the present era, but Balochistan has been deprived for the last seventy-five years. The residents of Balochistan are suffering from insecurity apart from basic facilities. Due to the incompetence and wrong policies of the so-called political parties and incompetent rulers, they are being killed every day in addition to economic murder. Even worse, the occupying army and incompetent Punjabi rulers have deprived the people of Balochistan of all their basic rights by making life haram. The lack of experience of some of our leaders, and many other weaknesses are contributing to their tyranny.

The so-called cunning political parties, religious parties, and corrupt Balochistan governments of all eras have been made incompetent, irresponsible, and corrupt by the occupying Pakistani army and secret agencies. Due to this, the people of Balochistan are forced to live in darkness for decades. In summary, why does Balochistan want independence from Pakistan? Because there are countless reasons, but some of the major and prominent reasons in the modern era are the lack of human rights, illegal annexation, depriving Balochistan of natural resources, becoming a toy in the hands of the army of so-called nationalists, corrupt and greedy religious parties.


Therefore, the people of Balochistan must strengthen the caravan of freedom struggle by knowing the difference between the so-called leaders and the real leaders. Mothers are not abducted and killed, genocide is not carried out so fast. After being deceived by Pakistani oppression and oppression, Sardar Nawabs, religious parties, and the middle class, the common people should think that they should distinguish between their enemy and their friend and take steps, surely in the near future freedom and prosperity will be their destiny.

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