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A Living Example of Compassion: Jehlum Health Department’s Swift Response to a Tragic Incident

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Hattian Bala: In a heartening display of solidarity and swift action, Dr. Tahir Rahim Mughal, the District Health Officer, and the dedicated staff of the Jehlum Health Department have set a remarkable precedent for humanity.

The evening of December 30 witnessed a personal tragedy at the residence of Mr. Syed Zulfiqar Haider Kazmi, where a short circuit resulted in his home turning into ashes.

As soon as the news reached District Health Officer Dr. Tahir Rahim Mughal, he promptly mobilized the employees across the district to extend support to Mr. Syed Zulfiqar Haider Kazmi and his family during this challenging time.

In a compassionate effort, essential items, including food and necessary provisions, along with bedding to endure the severe cold, were swiftly delivered to their home.

During the visit, District Health Officer Dr. Tahir Rahim Mughal expressed his sympathy and conducted a thorough examination to ensure the well-being of the affected family.

He conveyed a message of unity, stating, “We stand with you in your time of distress, and you are not alone in facing this difficult hour.”

This act of kindness and rapid response exemplifies the commitment of the Jehlum Health Department to the welfare of the community, showcasing that compassion and collective effort can make a significant difference in times of adversity.

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