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AJK & GB Business Forum Explores Strategies for Economic Revitalization

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Muzaffarabad: – Under the auspices of the Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Business Forum, a special session was organized in Islamabad to propose recommendations for economic and business revival and practical wisdom for the future.

The session was attended by professors from various universities specializing in economics and finance, representatives of trade organizations, elected municipal representatives, and individuals from the social sector. The seminar featured prominent figures such as Dr. Mushtaq Khan, leader of the Islamic Jamiat Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan; Dr. Dansh, an eminent economic expert; and Kashif Chaudhry, President of the Traders Association of Pakistan, along with Aqeel Khurshid, the co-founder of “Neytal.”

The President of the Business Forum Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, Imran Aziz, inaugurated the session and outlined its objectives and purposes. He emphasized the role of the Business Forum in promoting business activities and connecting local business individuals with business entities from other countries to enhance business relationships.

Imran Aziz stated that Kashmir, including Pakistan, holds significant economic commitments worldwide. The region is not only crucial for important alliances but also possesses major brands. Due to the lack of mutual relations, we cannot benefit from each other. The focus of today’s brief session is aligned with this narrative.

He expressed gratitude for the presence of Dr. Dansh Khan, who holds expertise in economics and politics, having obtained a higher education from Manchester University and is currently engaged in teaching at an American university.

Participants in the special session discussed economic conditions in the Poonch division, proposing initiatives for investment in various sectors such as economic situations, tourism, and other areas. They emphasized the need to improve the standard of living for ordinary people by fostering economic activities under conducive conditions, ethical practices, and better practical wisdom.

Participants also raised concerns about the lack of interest and inappropriate attitudes of government agencies towards improving infrastructure and not taking charge of supervising business institutions at the governmental level.

They stressed that tackling future challenges requires well-planned projects, prioritizing the improvement of domestic industry units and providing more employment opportunities in the private sector. It was suggested to determine the right direction and redirect the younger generation towards entrepreneurship instead of seeking jobs.

Dr. Dansh Khan highlighted the significant role of the government in the capitalist economy, emphasizing that investors invest where they get more benefits. He explained that unfortunate circumstances have prevented any government-level work in Azad Kashmir, which was urgently needed. He urged the state to take the lead, addressing fundamental issues that require attention.

Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, addressing the session, emphasized the potential positive impact of diverse sessions involving various classes on improving the quality of life for ordinary people. He specifically mentioned the health and education projects of the Islamic Jamiat, illustrating how they benefit the common man.

The participants included Dr. Sameena Sabir, Director of the Institute of Economics, University of Azad Kashmir Muzaffarabad; Dr. Abdul Rauf, Director of BISE University of Azad Kashmir Muzaffarabad; Professor Waseem Ali, Director of FMS Namal University; Abid Sadiq, Chief Editor of Kashmir Dharti newspaper; Waseem Khurshid, General Secretary of the Traders Association of Azad Kashmir; Amir Khurshid, Municipal Corporation Counselor Rawalakot; Javed Arif Abbasi, Vice President of the Business Forum Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan; Professor Mariam Ijaz, University of Poonch; Atif Kiani, Wasif Khan, Wajid Iqbal, Asif Hanif, Abdullah Imran, and Muhammad Shakil.

This collaborative effort aims to address the economic challenges faced by the Poonch division and formulate strategies for sustainable growth and prosperity.

The participants urged the government to play a more proactive role in promoting business and ensuring equitable distribution of resources to enhance the overall economic landscape. The importance of private sector initiatives, job creation, and youth entrepreneurship was also highlighted during the discussions.

Overall, the session provided a platform for constructive dialogue and collaboration among various stakeholders to pave the way for economic development in the region.

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