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Hattian Bala: Seminar Emphasizes the Importance of Technical Education and Vocational Skills

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To highlight the significance and promotion of technical education among the general public, a seminar was organized under the auspices of the Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA).

The event was particularly distinguished by the presence of Special Guest, Diwan Ali Chughtai, Minister of Elementary and Secondary Education Azad Kashmir. The ceremony was chaired by TEVTA Chairman Chaudhry Muhammad Fareed.

The seminar, held at Sardar Hamidullah Khan Boys Inter College Hall, was attended by a diverse audience, including educational institution heads, teachers, scholars, business community representatives, municipal councilors, and members of social organizations.

Additional attendees included Deputy Commissioner Syed Ashfaq Gilani, District Council Chairman Tayyab Manzoor Kiani, Mayor Sajawal Khan, Molana Asghar Naqvi, Jamil Shaidaee (Principal Boys Inter College Hattian Bala), political leaders from Muslim League N, Additional Deputy Education Officer Abdul Ghaffar Abbasi, Zahid Qamar (TEVTA District Coordinator), and others.

The event emphasized the growing importance of technical education in the current era, with TEVTA actively establishing new avenues for obtaining technical skills. It highlighted the plethora of choices available in the field of education and the preferences for higher education institutions.

The speakers emphasized the need for students to make informed choices based on their abilities, aligning their education with future career prospects. Furthermore, the seminar addressed the challenge faced by secondary school students in selecting suitable subjects for higher education. Often, students are unaware of the subjects that align with their aptitudes and future career goals.

It was emphasized that in the current era, the primary objective of students is to obtain a degree, but the question arises: does obtaining a degree fulfill the student’s ultimate goal?

Given the current unemployment scenario in the country, where a significant number of degree holders are struggling to find jobs, the seminar stressed the importance of acquiring vocational skills alongside formal education. The speakers pointed out that technical education plays a crucial role in the socio-economic development of a society.

While Pakistan lags behind in giving due attention to technical education, the seminar advocated for a paradigm shift in societal perceptions and encouraged the youth to consider technical courses. Technical skills, such as 3D design, fashion design, electrical appliances repair, mobile repairing, and software development, were highlighted as valuable alternatives.

In conclusion, the TEVTA officials conducted a tour of the technical stalls set up at the end of the program, showcasing skills in shawl weaving, pottery, carpet making, and other crafts.

TEVTA AJK Chairman Chaudhry Muhammad Fareed commended the successful program, and the guests, including Zahid Ali Qamar and Jamil Mughal, were praised for their contributions. Peer Syed Fayaz Kazmi concluded the event with a prayer.This seminar aimed to bridge the gap between formal education and vocational skills, encouraging the youth to explore technical fields for a more secure and prosperous future.

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