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Mirpur Vow Protest in Response to Police Brutality

Residents of Mirpur are gearing up for a massive demonstration on June 25th, following the unjust detention of several individuals

By Saba Anjum 2 Min Read

11May Detainees Transferred to Central Jail Ban Khurma: Heroes of Azad Kashmir’s Fight for Rights

Mirpur: The detainees from the 11th May protests have been shifted to Central Jail Ban Khurma in Mirpur for judicial

By Saba Anjum 1 Min Read

11 May Prisoners Released Following JKAAC Negotiations With AJK Govt

Mirpur: Two political detainees from Mirpur Azad Kashmir (Pakistan administered Kaahmir), Madam Naseern Malik and said Sakib, have been unconditionally

By Web Desk 1 Min Read

Press Release: JKAAC to Launch Nationwide Protests if Demands are Not Met

Muzaffarabad, May 20, 2024 – A significant meeting of the Jammu and Kashmir Joint Awami Action Committee (JKAAC) was held

By Saba Anjum 5 Min Read

Hundreds March in Mirpur for Release of Detained JKSLF and JKLF Leaders

Mirpur, Jammu Kashmir – Hundreds of protestors took to the streets in Mirpur demanding the immediate and unconditional release of

By Web Desk 1 Min Read

Mirpur: Youth Injured After Getting Entangled in Cable TV Wire

Mirpur: Ali Qadir, a hardworking young man, faced a horrifying ordeal while commuting from Mirpur to Mangla. He got entangled

By Web Desk 2 Min Read

Budget Bliss: Affordable Hotels in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir for a Value-Packed Stay

Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, a haven of natural beauty and cultural allure, presents an enchanting backdrop for travelers seeking an immersive

By Web Desk 3 Min Read

French Female National Arrested In Mirpur for Exploiting Girls under Marriage Pretense

Mirpur, Azad Kashmir - Azadi Times: In a significant breakthrough, law enforcement authorities in Mirpur have apprehended a suspect involved

By Web Desk 2 Min Read

First Software Technology Park Established in Mirpur, Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Mirpur, Azad Jammu and Kashmir – In a significant development, the Special Communication Organization (SCO) has inaugurated the region's first

By Saba Anjum 2 Min Read

Zip Code of Mirpur Azad Kashmir | Mirpur Postal Code

While the significance of digital connectivity continues to grow exponentially, the accurate and accessible identification of specific geographical locations remains

By Web Desk 2 Min Read

Mirpur DHQ Hospital Gynae Ward Becomes Death Trap

Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, July 22 (Azadi Times) - The Gynae ward of the DHQ Hospital in Mirpur has become a

By Web Desk 3 Min Read

Starlink Satellites Spotted in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

MIPUR AZAD KASHMIR: A line of bright lights resembling stars has been spotted in the sky over Mirpur Azad Kashmir,

By Web Desk 2 Min Read

Police Crackdown on Criminals in Mirpur District

Mirpur, AJK - A major police crackdown on criminals in Mirpur district has resulted in the arrest of 217 people,

By Web Desk 3 Min Read

Mirpur Azad Kashmir Ramadan Timings 2023

Mirpur Azad Kashmir Ramadan Timings 2023: Today's 19 March 2023 (26th Shaban 1444) Mirpur Sehr & Iftar Time. Mirpur Ramadan

By Web Desk 2 Min Read

AJK Minister Yasir Sultan Inaugurates Jashn e Baharan in Mirpur, AJK

MIRPUR: (Azadi Times) The grand Jashan Baharan festival has started in Mirpur Azad Kashmir, the 5-day Biharan festival was inaugurated

By Web Desk 4 Min Read

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