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AJK primer announcesd the establishment of Model Police Station at Mirpur City Police Station and Women Police Station at Mirpur

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Mirpur (Azadi Times) 05 January 2023

Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan announced the establishment of Model Police Station in Mirpur City Police Station and Women Police Station in Mirpur. Prime Minister Azad Kashmir’s surprise visit continues, Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan’s surprise visit to DHQ Hospital Mirpur and City Police Station in Mirpur, visited various wards in District Hospital Mirpur, visited patients, visited patients under treatment in ICU He announced Rs 1 lakh cash for treatment and Rs 5 lakh for new born children.


The Prime Minister visited the records at the City Police Station Mirpur, interacted with the prisoners and issued an order to release a prisoner arrested in a minor case. R. Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir announced Rs 2 lakh cash for all police station staff and prisoners. SSP Mirpur and SHO Thana City also announced appreciation certificate and encouragement reward for solving crimes in Mirpur city and timely arrest of accused in blind case. Azad Kashmir Prime Minister also met divisional and district officers in Mirpur. Speaking on this occasion, Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan has said that the purpose of the surprise visit is not to discredit any institution or officer. And neither is the government’s intention to create fear or panic, but to check the facilities provided by the institutions to the public through such visits. Treat the citizens with respect and dignity.


If any complaint is received regarding the respect of the elderly, strict action will be taken against it. Public toilets should be built at places. Atta doctors should be brought under the law. Doctors’ credentials should be checked in private hospitals. No one should be allowed to play with human lives. Officers should perform their duties as servants, not rulers. The officers who do good work, where the name of the state and the government shines, are supported by them One’s dignity in the family remains forever. State employees should work on merit instead of nepotism. In the army, martyrdom is given not for money but for the protection of the country, the same attitude should be in the civil service as well. High posts should not be made only as a source of employment. The bureaucracy of Azad Kashmir is highly capable and has full potential to create a welfare state. People’s trust in the state and government can be restored only when the citizens’ specifications are met.
He expressed these views while addressing a meeting of divisional and district officers on the occasion of a surprise visit to Mirpur. In the meeting, Commissioner Chaudhry Shaukat Ali, DIG Dr. Khalid Mahmood Chauhan, Deputy Commissioner Chaudhry Amjad Iqbal, SSP Raja. Irfan Saleem, Chief Engineer Electronics Tahir Ratial, DHO Dr. Fida Hussain, DMS Iram Batul, Divisional Director Local Government Raja Fayyaz Khan, SE Electronics Chaudhry Ziad Akbar, Exein Shahrat Majid Iqbal Awan, Chief Officer Municipal Mugheeth Riaz, Exein Building Prince Aurangzeb, DEO Muhammad Nisar, Information Officer Muhammad Javed Malik, Assistant Director Fisheries Muhammad Sajid, Social Welfare Officer Malik Muhammad Nisar, Assistant Director Livestock Abdul Qayyum Butt, Veterinarian Dr. Nadeem Kalis and other officers were also present.


Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan addressed the officers and said that the state’s prime minister, government ministers and the bureaucracy should understand the pain and suffering of the people and perform their duties as servants. The officers are highly educated and experienced. The poor people should be directly benefited. Until the public servants do not perform their duties with the spirit of service, the government cannot wear the vision of its welfare and welfare state in any practical way. He said Azad Kashmir. Reforms are needed in every sector.


Government guidelines for cleaning and sanitation of cities should be strictly followed. Encroachment on storm drains should be stopped, there should be modern mechanism of garbage disposal. Sale of plastic shopping bags. A deadline has been given till January 15, after which there will be a complete ban on the sale. Cleaning of drinking water tanks for citizens should be done, thus CCTV cameras should be installed in cities to control crimes. Human lives should be protected. No minute should be spared to make. Agriculture

More plantations should be done with promotion. The officers themselves and the subordinate employees should behave kindly towards the citizens. The behavior of the government missionaries should be exemplary so that people should not be afraid to come to them, if the employees maintain their behavior and morals.


If they do, their complaints will also be less. We should get guidance from our religious civilized society, which teaches service to humanity. SP will be appointed to control the traffic accidents. The officers should remain neutral, instead of being the tools of any political party, they should be the servants of the state and the people. He said that every citizen of the state should play his role as a watchdog, if such complaints are found, they should be taken to the relevant forum. In this regard, Jed Ulama is making a board consisting of Ikram, from which fake and submissive gangsters are being identified.

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