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Education Crisis in Azad Kashmir: Urgent Measures Required for Post-Quake Recovery

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Hattian Bala: Azadi Times, In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck Hattian Bala (AJK) eighteen years ago, the educational landscape in the Jhelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, remains marred by persistent challenges.

Despite the passage of time, the reconstruction and revitalization of crucial educational institutions in the affected areas, including Sam/Garang villages, have been painstakingly slow, leaving the local community grappling with limited access to quality education.

In the face of this enduring struggle, the absence of fully functional Girls’ Primary and Boys’ Primary schools continues to cast a shadow over the prospects of the region’s youth. The dearth of adequate infrastructure not only impedes the educational journey of these young learners but also underscores the urgent need for prompt government intervention to address these pressing issues.

Furthermore, the dire need for a middle school in the aforementioned villages has only exacerbated the challenges faced by the local populace. With students forced to undertake perilous journeys spanning several kilometers to access higher education, the inherent risks posed by the makeshift wooden bridge over the stream have become a persistent cause for concern.

The tragic incidents that have occurred on this route serve as a grim reminder of the perils faced by students in their quest for knowledge and better opportunities.

In light of these pressing concerns, the residents of Sam/Garang have issued a heartfelt appeal to the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, urging immediate action and substantial investment in the region’s educational infrastructure.

The call for urgent reforms, including the establishment of a well-equipped middle school and the construction of secure educational facilities, remains a pivotal step toward ensuring a brighter future for the youth of Azad Kashmir.

With education serving as the cornerstone for social and economic development, the timely intervention of the authorities is indispensable in fostering a conducive learning environment and uplifting the educational standards in earthquake-affected regions.

As the local community continues to grapple with these challenges, it is imperative for all stakeholders to join forces and prioritize the educational needs of the region, securing a more promising future for the budding generations of Azad Kashmir.

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