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Jabar Jandali village of Sudhan Gali is at risk destruction of residential houses due to landslides


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Hattian Bala: (Bureau Report) Hundreds of residential houses are in danger of being destroyed due to a terrible landslide in village Jabar Jandali on the outskirts of Chikar Tehsil of Chikar, Jhelum Valley district of Azad Kashmir. Reported Azadi Times,

About 50 residential houses have been affected by landslides due to the landslide. According to the details, the land covering about two kilometers of village Jabar Jandali started sliding at the junction of Sudhan Gully in the suburbs of Chikar Tehsil. Due to landslides and cracks, 5 residential houses were completely destroyed while 12 residential houses were partially damaged. Due to landslides, the local population lost crores of rupees.

The chances of hundreds of people becoming homeless increased. It is said that the government and the relevant authorities should take serious notice of the Jawbar Jandali landslide issue until the lives and property of the people are secured. Surah families have been moved to safety. The incident at the junction of Zamin Sidhan street is moving from the rear side of village Jabar Jandali / Benazir Palace, resulting in the son of Nik Muhammad, son of Bahadur Din, Maqsood Ahmed, Mahmood Ahmed, Masood Ahmed, sons of Nik Muhammad, Hafiz.

The houses of Muhammad Yusuf son of Abdullah, the residents of Jabar Jandali, have been completely destroyed, while due to cracks in the ground and landslides, Shoaib son of Kamal Din, Fazal Hussain son of Muhammad Hussain, Muhammad Asif son of Muhammad Bashir, Roshan son of Bir Muhammad, Shoaib son of Alam Din, Mistry Bashir son of Gulab, Farid son of Gulab, Khadim Hussain son of Noor Ali, Fazl Hussain son of Noor Ali, Abdul Rahim son of Muhammad Shafi, Zohaib Kamal son of Kamal Deen and Muhammad Javed son of Fazl Hussain, residents of Jabar Jandali, the residential houses have been partially destroyed and uninhabitable.

Naib Tehsildar Chikar Khawaja Abdul Salam and Constituent Patwari Salmia Patwar Sheikh Akhlaq, while briefing the representatives of national newspapers about the affected area, said that there is a terrible landslide in Jabarjandali. There is a fear of sliding, five residential houses have been destroyed by landslides While more than 12 are partially affected, the affected families are being moved to safe places. Naib Tehsildar Khawaja Abdul Salam said that the rapid movement of the land may take the form of a terrible landslide, which will destroy about fifty more residential houses. The high authorities have been informed about this and the affected population has been instructed to move to safe places to avoid any kind of loss of life.

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