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NewsKashmiri Political Leaders Express Concern Over Israel-Palestine Conflict

Srinagar: (Azadi Times) Kashmiri political parties express divergent views on India’s Modi government’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict, asserting that the fundamental reason for the ongoing bloodshed in the Middle East lies in the failure of the United Nations and global powers to resolve the Palestinian issue.

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According to Kashmir Media Service, the head of the People’s Democratic Party, Mehbooba Mufti, has expressed her concern over the violence unfolding in Gaza.

She took to Twitter to express her dismay, stating that it is unfortunate that the world is turning a blind eye to the killings and destruction in Israel-Palestine conflict while remaining silent for years. She said that the innocent Palestinians’ killings and the destruction of their homes have been met with silence for far too long.

She noted that when retaliation occurs on the other side, so-called champions of democracy express anger. She emphasized that expressing grief and anger at specific instances is criminal; instead, the focus should be on resolving the Palestine issue for lasting peace.

This statement comes at a time when Hamas and Israeli forces are launching attacks and counterattacks. The Communist Party of India (Marxist) also strongly condemned the Israeli violence in Gaza in a statement.

The statement highlighted the Israeli government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, seizing Palestinian territories and establishing illegal settlements in the West Bank. It called for the protection of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people by the United Nations.

The statement called for the establishment of a Palestinian state, the end of all illegal Israeli settlements, and the removal of Israeli control from Palestinian territories. It also emphasized the enforcement of the United Nations Security Council resolution that proposes making East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine and presenting a two-state solution.

The statement urged immediate cessation of hostilities and pressed the international community to take concrete actions to implement the United Nations resolution.

Farooq Abdullah, the head of the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference, discussed the destructive consequences of war while talking to reporters. He highlighted the dire consequences, the loss of innocent lives, and the detrimental effects on all parties involved. He expressed his disappointment, stating that the United Nations has failed in resolving the longstanding issue of Palestine.

The views of Kashmiri political leaders reflect the widespread concern over the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the Israel-Palestine issue. As the world watches the tragic events unfold in Gaza, the call for international action and diplomacy to bring an end to the violence and suffering grows louder.

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