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Maintaining Mental Stress: Tips for Healthy Eyes, Skin, and Nails

NewsMaintaining Mental Stress: Tips for Healthy Eyes, Skin, and Nails

There may hardly be anyone in the world who has never experienced mental stress. Employment, utility bills, or any event in life can subject you to mental stress, but how long you endure this condition depends on you.

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The most important thing is how you manage mental stress. Generally, to stay away from mental stress, habits such as healthy eating, exercise, and adequate sleep are practiced.

According to Jackie Dombrowski, health coach at New York’s Elion Elion Wellness Center, “If signs of mental stress start to show on your hair, skin, and nails, you may not like being under stress, but there are some signs that can indicate your mental stress.”

Eye Care

What to do tomorrow, the tension starts from today and sometimes the expected conditions of tomorrow disrupt today’s sleep. Due to lack of sleep, water accumulates under your eyes and they begin to swell. In the morning, your eyes and more damage are visible.

If you want black beautiful eyes free of dark circles, keep all thoughts aside, turn off mobile screens and other electronic devices, prepare for a good night’s sleep, and drink a cup of chamomile tea.

You will get good sleep. If your eyes are still swollen in the morning, turn the back of a cold spoon (kept in the fridge) upside down and rub it under your eyes. Then apply concealer in a triangle shape under your eyes. Doing so will start to glow from your nose and the swelling will disappear.

Dry and brittle skin

If you are under mental stress, it is possible that you are not drinking excessive amounts of water, especially in the summer, not drinking more water can lead to dehydration, and your skin can become as dry as paper. For this, you should drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses, and that too every day.

You need to eat foods that contain plenty of antioxidants for health. Green tea and such foods should be eaten in which the amount of water is high, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, watermelons, or green vegetables.

Use a serum for immediate hydration, which contains Hyaluronic Acid. It is an ingredient that is naturally present in your body and weighs a thousand times more than water. It absorbs moisture from the air and reaches the skin and your skin starts to shine.


Due to mental stress, skin problems also arise, such as acne, rashes, or eczema. Due to mental stress, cortisol is released, which produces hormones in the body, that cause pimples to appear on your face and skin.

Due to mental stress, the balance of good and bad bacteria in your body is disturbed and acne appears on your face. The solution is to take deep breaths (take a long breath hold it and then slowly release it from your mouth) It helps reduce anxiety.

Experts also recommend a 10-minute meditation for this. Drinking plenty of water and eating balanced food is also important. Fruits, vegetables, and high-quality protein are also essential for solving these problems.


Due to mental stress, Dysbiosis, a condition that disrupts the balance of bad bacteria, good bacteria, occurs, which causes itching in the skin. Breathing exercise is very helpful in keeping the skin calm. Taking deep breaths reduces mental stress and such problems are less likely to occur. Apart from breathing exercises, you also need to consult a doctor.

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