Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Pakistan Army grabs land in Neelam Valley Pakistan administered Kashmir


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Activities in Neelam Valley: I have no enmity with the army or any institution, nor do I say anything out of personal enmity, but I do not associate with any institution or person who is looting the resources of my state or harming the interests of the people of my state.


The video in question is of the most beautiful tourist destination of the Neelum Valley, Arang Kel.


If you are watching my video from Pakistan Administered Kashmir or any area of Pakistan then you must have heard this place as a beautiful tourist spot and most of you must have visited this place in the past.


For a few days, the military establishment is trying to establish a network of guesthouses in Urang Keel, for which the land has been occupied, against which the local people whose jobs are related to tourism are raising their voices.


There are, but efforts are also being made to suppress the voice of the poor and weak by force. She was coming on the way, while the owner of the shop had built a shop on his own land.

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