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NewsPallandri: FIR filed against those who made video by torturing the youth

Pallandri: FIR filed against those who made video by torturing the youth

Pallandri: (Azadi News) An FIR has been registered in the Pallandri police station against the accused who tortured a young man in Pallandri and made a video of him doing immoral acts that went viral on social media and the police arrested three people.


While raids are being conducted to arrest the three suspects named in the FIR. According to a statement on social media, the victim of violence is accused of allegedly using a fake Facebook account. Harassed women and humiliated citizens, due to which the family members of the women called him and tortured him.

A young man named Malik Talat has been arrested some time ago for using a fake Facebook account. The cases against him are pending with the police and in the court.

The young man is being treated in the hospital, but his condition is out of danger. Apart from targeting him, he was stripped naked, his head hair, and eyebrows were cut and his face was blackened.


During this time, the accused continued to make a video of the young man, which later went viral on social media. According to the police, three facilitators including the driver were arrested. On their identification, the vehicle used in the incident has also been taken into custody, however, the three accused are currently absconding and raids are being conducted to arrest them.


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The FIR of the tragic incident that happened to Malik Talat Mehmood, a resident of On the instructions of Superintendent of Police Sidhnuti Abbas Ali, the police have started work to arrest the accused and complete the investigation of the incident.

The Deputy Commissioner of Pallandri said that the accused involved in the incident will be arrested very soon and the perpetrators will be punished as per the law. It has been said in the statement that no person can be allowed to take the law into his hands.

The law is equal for all and maintaining law and order is the responsibility of the police and the administration, which they know how to do well.

Creating panic in a peaceful area and disrupting the peace and order situation cannot be condoned under any circumstances.

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