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Police Station Chanari turned into a torture cell, brutal torture on innocent citizen


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Hattian Bala (Azadi Time Report) Police brutally tortured a poor citizen living in Punian Gharthama, a suburb of Chinari, and tore his eardrum, showing signs of cruel violence on the body. The poor citizen reached District Press Club Hattian Bala for justice.

I threatened to self-immolate. According to the details, Amjad Hussain Shah, son of Ali Anwar Shah, a resident of Punian area of Chinari, who was found suspicious in the abduction of a woman resident of Union Council Chakhama, was arrested from Rawalpindi and brought to Chinari.

In the name of investigation, Amjad Hussain Shah addressed the press conference with his wife Farhat Geelani in District Press Club Hattian Bala and said that Murtaza Kazmi and Akhtar Shah kept telling me that you give 100,000 rupees and we will give you 100,000 rupees from the police.

They will save my life but I said that I am innocent, why should I pay 100,000 rupees? After that, in the presence of the SHO, Raja Aftab, Waheed and others brutally tortured my ears in the presence of the SHO. The curtain is torn.

I am unable to walk and labor. The roller is on me They tied a wooden stick around my neck and tortured me. Investigating officer Aftab said one hundred thousand rupees and two will remove your name. I said that I am a poor person.

Feser Aftab said that your wife will not leave you alone and in the police station, they rolled a roller on my delicate body, which I cannot even walk.

My mother came to meet me at the police station. At that time, I had fallen violently in the washroom of the police station. Other people in the police station picked me up. Murtaza Kazmi and Akhtar Shah went to the police station and said that one lakh rupees will cost two lives when I said that I am innocent and poor.

I am a taxi driver, from where can I get 100,000 rupees, then Murtaza Kazmi told investigating officer Aftab to massage him well.

After removing my clothes at night, investigating officer Aftab made a video of me from the front and back. When he said don’t make a video, the investigating officer Aftab said that this is the treatment, he won’t believe it and the investigating officer asked Murtaza.

I made a video call to Kazmi and showed everything, saying, “Look, he is not worthy of a wife. From today, he has become completely impotent. He also abused me. Then the kidnapped girl was brought before me.

Asked if she knew this person, Tolarki said no, I do not know this person, after that the SHO said that it will be a mistake on our part to pick up an innocent person and torture him.

The victim and his wife have appealed to the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, the Chief Secretary of Azad Kashmir, the IG Police of Azad Kashmir, and the heads of the justice delivery departments to give us justice. should be provided and the police station should be freed from the custody of political crooks.

In case of non-provision of justice, we will commit self-immolation along with our children, while SH Othana Chinari, giving his stand, said that the case was blind, search, and recovery of the kidnapped.

On the basis of suspicion, Amjad Hussain Shah was taken into custody and after investigation, he was found innocent, then he was released to give the ration car. And the charge of taking money is baseless.

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