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Protesters Continue Dharna in Chinari Azad Kashmir Over Release of Imran Khan: PTI Workers Demand Justice for Arshad Sharif and Family

NewsProtesters Continue Dharna in Chinari Azad Kashmir Over Release of Imran Khan: PTI Workers Demand Justice for Arshad Sharif and Family

Chinari Azad Kashmir (Azadi Times): Despite 37 days passing, the sit-in staged by PTI workers from Jhelum Valley in Chinari to demand the release of ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan continues unabated. In a show of unity, PTI activists, led by former Assembly candidate Zeshan Haider, lit candles to protest the non-arrest of Arshad Sharif’s killers and the detention of his widow.

The protesters expressed intense sorrow and anger over the non-apprehension of Arshad Sharif’s murderers and the arrest of his widow. They chanted slogans like “Arshad Sharif, we are ashamed; your killers are still alive” and “Zille Shah, we are ashamed; your killers are still alive.” They vehemently rejected the unjust norms of cruelty and called for the release of Prime Minister Imran Khan with sky-splitting slogans.

The protest camp, situated in the Chinari sub-district connected to the Line of Control, has been in operation for the past 37 days. Yesterday, a special day was observed to express solidarity with the family of the late Arshad Sharif. Addressing the gathering, Syed Zeshan Haider, the central leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Azad Kashmir and a former Assembly candidate, stated,

"A letter has been written to the Chief Justice, awaiting a response. Some nefarious elements are plotting to involve me and other journalists in false cases, abduct us, or even plan our demise! We, too, seek justice, and the entire nation is watching for your fair verdict."

Furthermore, PTI activists condemned the additional pain inflicted on Arshad Sharif’s family. They demanded that the entire nation join in applauding their system of justice, as Arshad Sharif’s family continues to be denied justice.

Demonstrators asserted that all of the country’s problems find their solution in Imran Khan’s hands, as he possesses the ability to rescue the nation from crises. The protest will remain ongoing until justice is served.

Note: The protest’s longevity and the demands for justice remain central to the demonstrators’ objectives as they continue to demand ex-Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s release and the resolution of Arshad Sharif’s case.

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