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Rally and Conference in Kotli Demand Release of Yasin Malik and Kashmir’s Right to Self-Determination

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Kotli, Jammu and Kashmir: In a powerful demonstration of solidarity, the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front organized a rally in the Kotli, Azad Kashmir, under the jurisdiction of the Naar Tehsil, to demand the release of Yasin Malik, a prominent leader of the freedom movement. Following the rally, a martyrs’ conference was convened, addressing critical issues related to the struggle for Kashmir’s independence.

The rally, led by Liberation Front leaders, including Raja Haq Nawaz Khan, Muhammad Rafiq Dar, Saleem Haroon, Sajid Siddiqi, Abid Shabeer, and others, echoed with fervent slogans calling for the release of freedom leaders held in various Indian prisons and advocating for the right to self-determination for the occupied region of Jammu and Kashmir.

During the rally, a symbol of peace was portrayed as doves were released into the sky. The procession featured not only horseback riders but also a local traditional band, adding to the fervor of the event. The rally culminated in an open field near Naar Bazaar, where a conference took place.

The conference, presided over by Sajid Siddiqi, President of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Azad Kashmir Gilgit-Baltistan Zone, had Muhammad Rafiq Dar as the Special Guest. Senior leaders like Shafqat Maghl, Nasrat Qureshi, Ashfaq Mursheed, Raja Mukhtar Ahmed, Sajjad Yunus, Sajjad Noshad, Haq Nawaz Raja, Liaqat Naqshbandi, Raja Parvez, Abrar Iftikhar, Ghulam Owais, Bilal Kashmiri, and other prominent figures of the party participated in the conference.

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The conference attendees deliberated on various critical issues, including the central role of the freedom movement, persistent demands, the release of incarcerated Kashmiri leaders, human rights violations in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, and projects aimed at undermining the identity of the region. The participants reached a unanimous consensus and issued a statement.

In the statement, heartfelt tributes were paid to the martyrs of Jammu and Kashmir. The attendees reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to continue the struggle until the mission of these brave martyrs is realized. The statement declared Jammu and Kashmir as an indivisible political entity, vowing to persist in the fight for the region’s freedom, unity, and rightful sovereignty, ultimately leading to the well-being of the Kashmiri people.

The conference participants called upon the leaders of the Group of Twenty (G20) nations to leverage their unique influence in facilitating a peaceful, stable, and permanent resolution to the Kashmir issue. They also urged concerted action to address human rights violations in the region and uphold the fundamental principles of justice and self-determination.

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