Thursday, October 6, 2022

Rawalakot: Kashmiri transporter threatened to open the Azad Patan Bridge by August 25


  (Poonch Goods Transport Union’s representative While addressing a press conference at Ghazi Millat Press Club)

RAWALAKOT – (Azadi Times – Latest News Updates of Rawalakot) If the new road is not opened for goods transporters and common passengers by August 25, then after August 25 goods transporters will forcefully drive their vehicles on this road and all the responsibility for the situation will be on the government of Azad Kashmir, administration and related company. 

The work on Gooien Nala Road has been going on for the past 6 years, till today the road has not been constructed nor is it being allowed to run. Big vehicles are suffering from accidents every day. The goods transporters were promised that they would open the road after Eid. If the new road is not opened for transporters and passengers by September 25, then vehicles will be forced to drive. 20 lakh people are being affected in the Poonch population. Now goods transporters cannot give more time. They will close the road from Goon Nalla and Tain Dhalkot to all kinds of traffic.

Landslide in Tain Dhalkot road has not been repaired yet administration should not test the patience of goods transporters. Govt of Azad Kashmir, District Administration concerned companies should solve the problems of goods transporters immediately. These views are the responsibility of the Goods Transport Union. 

While addressing a press conference at Ghazi Millat Press Club. On this occasion, Central General Secretary of Goods Transport Union Azad Kashmir Sardar Zahid Khan, President of Goods Transport District Poonch Sardar Imran Sajaq, Secretary Information Sarda Raamer Nazish, Secretary Finance Sardar Adnan Nazir, Zulfikar Khan, Nadeem Khan and others at Ghazi Millat Press Club. While addressing the press conference, these leaders further said that the toll plaza should be built on Goon Nala Road in the same way as it is built in Pakistan, if a toll plaza is built in any corner, the goods transporter will not pay the toll tax. 

If any vehicle meets with an accident during these days, then all the responsibility will be on the administration and the concerned company. And we will not get up in front of the district administration offices until our compensation is paid. Transporters are ready to provide all kinds of cooperation but ironically no issue is resolved without protest. The district administration is only acting lazily. 

Transfer from Poonch and appoint a qualified officer. Commissioner Poonch should fulfill his responsibilities Not again. The goods transporters had installed the fork after much effort and the aim was that the overloaded vehicles would damage the road. 

We are aware of the problems of the people, so we will not put the people to any test, but we are forced to come out for our rights because the transporters are not being given their rights. If the new road is not opened for transporters by August 25, then all the responsibility of the subsequent situation will be on the district administration and the concerned company.

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