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NewsSOS Village Rawalakot And Our Responsibilities

SOS Village Rawalakot And Our Responsibilities

EDITORIAL: What is the relationship requirement of the creation with the Creator, the servant with God, and the Sajid with the Masjid? Did the congregation of angels become less with God, which made man also obliged to worship them? Are these worships just an exercise?

Or do they have broader goals and benefits in hindsight? Is the idea of heaven and hell only in the background of our worship? Due to this even a genius like Ghalib is forced to say: Don’t stay in obedience and put the logs of wine and ingots in Hell.


It would be good if we could easily understand that the prayers were only for teaching servitude, after that all the matters after that are for performing servitude. Prayers have become a means of training matters. If they are paid as they deserve, then surely the heart will soften a little, and who knows when; May the evil love hidden in the side of dust burst forth and sweep away all hatred, malice, and selfishness with it. After that, the highest traits of humanity will emerge, where Abdul Sattar Edhi and Mother Teresa will be prepared. The organization has started its institutions in many cities in Pakistan since the seventies.


A few years ago, this private organization settled a world of orphans and destitute children in the name of SOS Village in the village Chak Dhamni of Muzaffarabad and then also in Rawalakot. The back is packed. Where orphan children as well as other children are also equipped with education. Here, to clarify the concept of home, mother, siblings, and society, efforts are made to achieve better results by creating a healthy and favorable environment and atmosphere so that the best human being comes out of here after getting training for society.


This institution is in no way less than God’s gift, according to Shahzeb Shabir Khan, without the personal effort of the local people, at zero investment, a complete institution including a constructed building, trained people, and other facilities has been presented to us on a plate. has been done Our efforts for its further improvement will be gold. The importance of this institution becomes twofold when the orders of the Holy Qur’an Furqan Hameed reveal that the sponsorship of orphans is a fard kifaya that is performed by a few people.

By giving, everyone pays, otherwise, everyone becomes a sinner. Let it be said that it would be right if someone else arranges our destiny. Children are the light of our homes, the hope of the future, and the center of all our planning. Who, sometimes by demanding and sometimes without saying, raise a hundred kinds of pleasantries from us. You can’t even sleep without listening to stories and lullabies: an elephant, a king, a queen, children don’t sleep without a story, but what is it that when these children reach the orphanage as a result of any tragedy, they are not alone.

They become a question but also a severe test for all of us. These innocent people suffer the punishment of an uncommitted sin for the rest of their lives. These are the poor people whose faces are questionable but their tongues are without question. These are the delicate flowers that have broken from the stem. Their flowery faces would have been like a lawn, and their small laughter and carefree laughter would have made a courtyard full of flowers, but this could not happen. What happened?

The harsh sun can make them dull, but our attention, love, proper upbringing, and education can make them active and productive citizens. Who can play an important role in the construction and development of the country? Every child born here is a tragic story of many accidents. One case tells many stories, and no one knows when and how those who listen to the story become a story themselves. As soon as we see them, a thought comes to mind that we have become so civilized that the imitation of Farang people.


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In their style, puppies and kittens are getting a place in our homes. Their food and health facilities have been well arranged in our homes, but no place has been made for human children, near their close relatives, nor in our homes. But why ????? Why is the care of creatures like us so dear to us? That we hear the screams of our troubled souls, nor the scornful laughter of the sky. Are our visions without light and our hearings lost? Have we been trapped in our own castle? On the evening of April 12, newly elected councilor Aftab Arif organized an iftar dinner in the institution along with these small flowers.

High officials of Rawalakot, media, and civil society were specially invited. While the proximity of the little angels updated the software of today’s busy man, we must have received at least a thousand-volt shock to hear that the people involved in this iftar party got to know about this institution and its residents for the first time.

This was The minimum goal of this event to attract the people of the area to the institution. What kind of spectacle is it that on the one hand, completely ignorant of the world and Mafiha, the question keeps on churning in their minds that “Is there any world inhabited beyond this barbed fence???” On the other side of the fence, worldly people are also ignorant and ignorant of the inner world. How is this ignorance? Perhaps no one has a satisfactory answer to this, but this is the tragedy.


Which raises many questions. We don’t like to beat others in matters of preaching, advice, and religion, but where do we base our actions??

Will the hunger of a hungry person be quenched by our sermons and advice? To whom even the moon looks like bread. This is what we have to think about.. !!! Sermon You do not drink nor can anyone drink.

What is the matter with your wine? So that it is possible to encourage more institutions in this manner in other districts as well. Moreover, they appeal to the local population to enroll their children in this institution instead of sending them away, so that on the one hand they will get the best education at the least cost and on the other hand their fees will help the institution financially. will remain


The principal of SOS wants the support of the people of the area that even though the establishment of the institution was possible with the help of outsiders, the children here are our own. These leaves broken from the tree can become responsible citizens of society with proper care. No fair A lawyer. Who can do such things???

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