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The language used against Pakistan’s PM does not beautify the position of the PM Azad Kashmir


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Mirpur: (Azadi Times Newspaper) Former Prime Minister Azad Kashmir Raja Mohammad Farooq Haider Khan has said that the language used against the Prime Minister of Pakistan is very common and condemnable.

This language does not beautify the position of the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir. He has an agenda and should be investigated. Tanveer Ilyas Do not fuel the people of Azad Kashmir for personal business purposes. Very frivolous behavior was adopted in the presence of foreign diplomats. So we followed the national traditions.

The prime minister of Azad Kashmir should not have gone if there was no invitation. First, they say that we are Imran Khan’s slaves, then who gives respect to the slaves? I condemn the behavior. Mangala Dam is within the boundaries of Azad Kashmir. If any incident happened, the police and administration of Azad Kashmir were responsible there. He expressed these views while addressing an emergency press conference in Mirpur.

Saeed, former chairman MDA Anwar Ghazi and others were also present. Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan said that the prime minister of Azad Kashmir should not have stood up and talked, it is immoral. There were also foreign diplomats there. The very inappropriate language used against Shehbaz Sharif to gain praise would have made India happy.

The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir is apolitical. He has no knowledge of the issues. When did he raise his voice for Mirpur? Did he ever before? The rights of Mirpur or the victims of Mangala Dam? Complaints from WAPDA are legitimate and there are certain problems that need to be resolved, the solution of which is through dialogue.

They should have taken the time to talk to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. We should not have gone to the press conference later because WAPDA is a white elephant with its reservations. Our complaints are legitimate, but we will support the forum to solve the state’s problems, the procedure adopted by Tanveer Ilyas was very inappropriate.

The position of the Prime Minister is against our traditions It is necessary that we fight for the Thirteenth Amendment through table talk because nothing can be achieved. We condemn the language used against the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

He said that Imran Khan has not done anything for the people of Azad Kashmir. The incident of August 5 happened with the consent of Imran Khan and Modi.

In Kashmir, Imran Khan made the worst retreat. The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir was not invited, so he should not have gone. There would have been a man. He should have taken the time to talk. The Prime Minister is the Chief Executive of Azad Kashmir. He is responsible.
Prime Minister is not the chief executive of Cantoris, he is the chief executive of the state, we do not support any retaliatory action. We also have concerns with WAPDA, but the way of talking was very inappropriate.

WAPDA should understand that it is in the territory of Azad Kashmir Tanveer Ilyas is not a political leader, the mistrust against him is the work of days Centaurus Mall was sealed by CDA, it has nothing to do with the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The trend of doing politics on the strength of money is very dangerous. It has been a year, how many times have they raised their voice for Mirpur’s rights?

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