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Hattian Bala: Representatives of more than three thousand voters will protect public rights

NewsHattian Bala: Representatives of more than three thousand voters will protect public rights

Hattian Bala (Azadi Times) There are representatives of more than three thousand voters, they will protect their rights in every aspect, they will not leave their voters, supporters, or colleagues in difficult times alone in any place, nor will anyone with their voters, supporters. Azadi Times reported…,

These views were expressed by members of the Central Executive Committee of Pakistan Peoples Party Azad Kashmir, former candidate District Councilor Union Council Gujarbandi Syed Shafiq Kazmi, former candidate Union Council Sadak Chinari Pakistan Peoples Party Chaudhry Manzoor Ahmed, newly elected local councilor Jaskul Chaudhry Muhammad.

Zubair, ex-candidate local councilor Talikot Shahid Khushal Usmani, ex-candidate for local council ward Upper Gujarbandi Raja Tanveer Khan, ex-candidate for local council Sadak Chinari Raja Saddam Aziz while addressing a crowd of a joint press conference at district press club Hattian Bala.

What did Syed Shafiq Kazmi, a member of the Central Executive Committee of the Pakistan People’s Party, said that the Pakistan People’s Party fought hard against the relatively ruling party of the 2021 general election in the Union Council Gujarbandi in the local body elections. PTI stole the seat I won by nightly door-to-door campaign and showed the green garden to the public.

Shafiq Kazmi said what else would the workers have done if they had not been defeated. Shafiq Kazmi said that in the general election, Education Minister Dewan Ali Khan Chaghtai had taken 28 hundred votes from Union Council Gujjar Bandi. We alone have reduced his 28 hundred votes to 17 hundred. Chaghtai will be brought to Union Council Gujarbandi by less than five hundred votes.

Dewan Chaghtai, who succeeded in the general elections, has been ignored by Dewan Chaghtai and started promoting rain frogs due to which eleven hundred in one and a half years.

Vote Diwan Chaghatai K K Shafiq Kazmi said that I am extremely grateful to the people of Union Council Gujjar Bandi, who ignored the ruling political party and supported us in difficult times. He expressed his confidence that in the upcoming general election, all the voters and supporters of the PPP will fight against obscenity and nudity.

Addressing the joint press conference, former candidate PPP District Council Sadak Chanari Chaudhry Manzoor said that he is grateful to the central leadership of Pakistan Peoples Party Azad Kashmir, especially Chaudhry Yasin, President of Pakistan Peoples Party Azad Kashmir, Opposition Leader Chaudhry Latif Akbar, Sahibzada Muhammad Ashfaq Zafar Advocate.

I am grateful to the voters and supporters of the Pakistan Peoples Party from Kucha Doli to Jaskol who have voted for me. I assure all these sisters, brothers, and elders that I I will stand by them in every difficult time, no matter what kind of problem they face, just like they stood by me, I will also stand by them in every difficult time. We will never forget the time when he supported us in the presence of the ruling Jamaat in adverse conditions.

Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan He was also the former Prime Minister of the Harghar election campaign and is also the current MLA who influenced the election, yet the zealous people of Sadak Chinari voted for me more than Ashfaq Zafar, for which I am grateful to every single voter and supporter. And I am grateful. Some Muslim League workers have offered me to join the PML. I have told them clearly that I will live and die with the People’s Party.

The Jamaat has given me respect and I cannot even think of betrayal. Newly elected councilor Jaskol Chaudhry Zubair said that the people of Jaskol expressed their trust in me and I will try my best to fulfill their trust. I will not allow the rights of the people of Jaskol to be robbed, I will not hesitate to give my blood in the place where the people of Jaskol will sweat, former candidate of Local Council Talikot Shahid Usmani said that I am thankful.

I will never hurt the trust of my voters who trusted me. Er Local Council Sadak Chinari Raja Saddam Aziz also thanked his voters and said that he will protect the rights of colleagues in difficult times everywhere.

Tanveer Khan Turk former candidate of Ward Upper Gujarbandi said that they will not forget the kindness of his voters and supporters till the last breath of my life who voted for me in large numbers in difficult times.

My appeal to the central leadership of Pakistan Peoples Party Azad Kashmir is That he should provide permanent leadership in Constituency Seven so that preparations for the General Election can be made timely.

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