UNICEF Country Representative Abdullah A. Fadel along with his delegation met Azad Kashmir Minister of Elementary and Secondary Education Diwan Ali Chaghtai.


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Muzaffarabad (PID) 07 March 2023
UNICEF Country Representative Abdullah A. Fadel met with the delegation of Azad Kashmir Minister of Elementary and Secondary Education Dewan Ali Chaghtai. A decision to further enhance UNICEF’s contribution to the education sector in Azad Kashmir and to include education sector priorities in UNICEF’s work plan. Special Secretary Education Qazi Inayat, Country Consultant Dr. Jassim Anwar, Chief Planning Education Zafar Iqbal and other relevant officials participated on this occasion. Speaking on this occasion, Minister of Elementary and Secondary Education Dewan Ali Chaghtai said that UNICEF has also in the past What has been done to improve the education sector of Azad Kashmir? The Government of Azad Kashmir is grateful to you for the visit of the UNICEF delegation to Azad Kashmir and for determining our priorities and including them in the work plan. We are focusing on quality of education in Azad Kashmir. Our effort is that in four to five years, none of our children will be those who do not go to school. He said that we have approved our education policy. For the implementation of which we will need the support of UNICEF. We have also targeted Sustainable Development Goals in education policy. We will also present the technical education and vocational education policy in the cabinet soon for approval. The Minister of Education said that UNICEF should support us to achieve our priorities in the field of education and also support the Department of Education for nutrition. Speaking on the occasion, UNICEF Country Representative Abdullah A. Fadal said that UNICEF has been working in Pakistan for decades. After the 2005 earthquake, UNICEF expanded its work in Azad Kashmir. Education is one of UNICEF’s priorities. We will finalize our work plan for Azad Kashmir in the next four to six weeks after which the work plan will be shared with the Department of Education so that the department’s priorities can be incorporated into the work plan. We visited the government school here where we were impressed with the facilities available and the caliber of the students. Azad Kashmir’s literacy rate is also quite good, which we are happy about. We will provide full support for capacity building and policy implementation in education in Azad Kashmir and UNICEF will continue to work with the government of Azad Kashmir as in the past. Meanwhile, the delegation visited the Skill Development Center Monk Pian and showed interest in locally produced products and appreciated the skills of the women working in the center. Meanwhile, the delegation inspected the school established with the support of UNICEF. What did

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