Saturday, September 24, 2022

Goes to help flood victims Tik Toker couple’s home robbery, robbers also take UPS

Photo: File

Pakistan’s famous tik toker couple, Chaudhry Zulqarnain and Kanwal Aftab, were robbed in a big way and the robbers took the house along with the jewelry and cash to the UPS.

Recently Chaudhry Zulqarnain showed the condition of the house in his vlog in which the police were inspecting his house, the TikTok couple said that they both had gone to Khairpur for two days to help the flood victims.

He said that when he returned home, he saw that the whole system was in disarray and things were scattered.

In the video, Tik Tokkar said that the robbers took many other valuable items including expensive perfumes.

Zulqarnain said that when we asked the watchman of the street when we returned home, he said nothing like this happened at night, I was here, it must have happened during the day, ask the day watchman.

He said that when I asked the day watchman, he also gave the same answer, but a complaint has been filed with the police and now the police is investigating the matter.

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Epaper 24-09-2022