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Chinar narcotic injection case, police succeeded in collecting more evidence, influential people mobilized to end the case, public outcry against health department – Chinar Kashmir News


Chinari (Ijaz Ahmad Mir, Special Reporter) The death of a young man living in the suburbs of Chinari due to narcotic injection. They started putting pressure on the administration and the police to end the case and open the medical stores by using political influence. The demand of SP Jhelum Valley to issue orders to speed up actions against drug dealers has come to light. There is an enormous rush of patients in the BHU located in Chinari, the center of population of more than 30,000 and seven union councils. The public is facing serious difficulties due to the lack of 24-hour doctor, staff and ambulance facilities in BHU Chinari. Musharraf Kayani and Mossadegh Kayani son of Manzoor Kayani Sak Neither Gharthama has taken protective bail while the other two accused have taken interim bail. Some influential people have mobilized to suppress the case and have started increasing pressure on the administration and the police. Public circles say that the owner of Lahore Lashani beauty parlor. The branch of Kayani Medical Store located on Jama Masjid Road was sealed on the point made by Masmaa (N), while after getting more information, the branch of Kayani Medical Store located in Main Bazaar has been sealed. If Kayani Medical Stores They are allegedly not involved in the sale of narcotic injection, so the administration, police and health department told why they were sealed again? Action should have been taken DHO, Drug Inspector Jhelum Valley, Hattian Bala and Police will have to take strict measures to save the lives of the young generation by performing their duties with honesty and integrity. It has been going on in and around Chanari for many years before the Health Department And what action did the police take? The public should be informed that if the media had not brought this case to the fore, the precious lives of many more youths could have been lost. During the last two years, how many injections were sold on Form 11 at which medical store and who kept selling them? Can any medical store sell narcotic injections on Form 11 of another medical store? According to the sources, the police have obtained more evidence in the drug injection case, which will be presented before the court. Some people are active in this regard by putting pressure on the administration and the police to end the case. There are also reports of recording the statements of several people related to this case. After the ban, the huge rush of patients in BHU located in Chinari, the center of seven union councils and more than 30,000 population, reduced to one doctor for patient check-ups, while 24-hour doctor, staff and ambulance in BHU Chinari. Due to the lack of facilities, the people are facing severe difficulties. The public circles demanded to take notice from the Prime Minister, Health Minister, Chief Secretary, Secretary Health and DG Health and said that seven Union Councils and more than 30 thousand population centers established in Chanari. BHU has three doctors including a lady doctor during the day and a night doctor A doctor and other staff should be arranged in BHU Chinari, there is an ambulance but there is no oxygen for the ambulance from the health department. In case, there is not even an alternative driver for the ambulance, if a patient reaches BHU Chinari, there is no alternative provision of oxygen in case of lack of toilet. Treating them like goats should be stopped if the basic health facilities are not provided to the people, then the people will be on the streets against this cruelty and injustice and during this time all the responsibility of the health department of Azad Kashmir should be placed on Azad Kashmir. G…

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