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People’s Party Union Council Khulana’s Farodblock has announced support for PTI’s nominated candidate for District Council Zahid Farid – Chinar Kashmir News


ISLAMABAD – The victory of PTI’s nominated candidate for the district council member Chaudhry Zahid Farid, People’s Party Union Council Khulana’s Farod block announced its support for Zahid Farid. Founder of Farood Group Chaudhry Abdul Rasheed Chechi, Chief Executive Officer Chaudhry Liaqat Ali, Senior Vice Chairman Akbar Chechi, Chairman Chaudhry Naveed Ali, General Secretary Baghi Group Chaudhry Ashfaq Chechi, Vice Chairman Chaudhry Arshad Akram, Vice Chairman Chaudhry Shahid Latif, members of the groups include Ch. Khadim Chichi, Chaudhry Iqbal, Zain Faisal Muhammad, Chaudhry Sajid Ali, Kaleem Mughal, Babar Khadim, Wasim Chauhan, Zavalafiqar Qureshi, Naseer Chauhan, Chaudhry Mumtaz Chaudhry Sajjad, Chaudhry Idris, Chaudhry Rafiq Ali, Information Secretary Chaudhry Sajid Ali, Aqib Khadim and others. The leaders of the Forward Block said that the Pakistan People’s Party had taken a decision against the public interest without consultation and fielded an imported candidate without consultation, which the people refused to recognize, so the people and For the wider interest of the workers, Forward Block has decided to support Chaudhry Zahid Farid from the platform of People’s Party’s Forward Block in the local body elections. In his speech, he said that I will not disappoint the workers after being elected, God willing. I will not neglect anything. Chaudhry Zahid Farid said that he welcomes the decision taken by the Azad Kashmir government regarding the local body elections. From the municipal election, every educated youth who had the spirit of public service will get an opportunity to come forward, with the help of Allah and the people’s cooperation, for their union council without any greed, regional, linguistic and political bias, educational, I will give my services in the field of welfare, construction and development. All friends of the Union Council will accompany him in consultation with friends, youth and people associated with each party. God willing, everyone will fight for the rights of the people and play an important role in the development of their union council. The Union Council will work together to lead the path of educational, welfare and constructive development of Khulna and will be in the forefront of the fight for the rights of the people in every field.

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