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Digital Marketing For Astrologers | 7 Step Framework To Create Your Online Presence

BlogDigital Marketing For Astrologers | 7 Step Framework To Create Your Online Presence

Attention Astrologers!

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Hope you are helping people with your Astrology knowledge and helping them make the right decisions. Astrology is an old method in which a person’s future is known by looking at the planets and constellations.

Despite being so powerful, today many astrologers are unable to earn good money through it.

The biggest reason for this is that even today they sit in their offices and wait for clients to come and continue to drive their lives based on word of mouth or references.

But, is it right to rely on God to earn money in today’s Internet era?

No, you should take full advantage of the Internet and promote or market your knowledge online.

Only when you share your knowledge through Social Media & Websites, people will be able to know you and will be able to contact you for their career, relationship, etc.

All this will be possible by deeply understanding Digital Marketing For Astrologers.

Through today’s blog, we are throwing light on this topic and understanding some very important Digital Marketing Strategies For Astrologers To Gain More Clients.

Let us begin without further ado.

Problems Faced By Astrologers

Before understanding Digital Marketing For Astrologers or Astrology, we should also know what challenges an Astrologer has to face today.

Whenever we talk about Astrology, we want to know about things like our future, career, and relationship, for which we often contact our old astrologer or astrologer.

But as an astrologer, people (clients) come to you only when you have an identity.

In such a situation, a new astrologer has to face many challenges in the beginning.

If we talk about some major challenges, they include:

Problems Faced By Astrologers In India

Trust Issues

Today people prefer to go only to those Astrologers who have good knowledge of Astrology and are trusted.

Nowadays it is seen that people come to you only if your father or grandfather is or was an Astrologer, otherwise, they directly knock on the door of Google Baba.

Therefore, a new Astrologer has to work hard in the beginning to create a good image and win the trust of people.

Online Astrology Firms

Due to the Internet becoming cheaper in the year 2015, the number of Internet users in the world started increasing rapidly

Seeing this trend, many online astrologer firms were established and started providing their online services.

In such a situation, the work of those Astrologers who were dependent on references or word of mouth to get clients was affected.

This is also the biggest challenge for some Astrologers because today Online Astrology Firms are providing better service for less money.

The only solution to overcome this is to create your own digital presence which is possible through digital marketing strategies (Digital Marketing Strategies For Astrologers).

Advertising Cost

Astrologers today use traditional marketing methods to establish their identity and reach interested people.

They get their banners put up, posters printed and sometimes even get it written on the walls that “For the solution of any kind of domestic problem, disappointment in the job, problem in marriage, contact Astrology Xyz”

A lot of money is spent in adopting all these marketing methods and better targeted reach is also not available.

Sometimes it takes months to get a new client, in such a situation it is natural to be disappointed.

Adopting Digital Technologies

Today many offline Astrologers do not have much knowledge of Digital Technologies or they do not want to try it considering it to be a big challenge.

Due to this, they lag in attracting more clients and are not able to earn as much money.

New Astrologers often have to face all these problems whose solutions we are going to explain in our next sections.

Before telling the solution, let us also take a look at some Astrology Myths that are often in the minds of people.

Myths Related To Astrology – What Myths Are There in People’s Mind?

Astrology is a very old method that has been used for years in other countries including Jammu Kashmir.

But, as evolution is happening, people are getting educated, and many myths are being seen regarding Astrology.

We are mentioning some of those major Astrology Myths here.

Considering astrologers as uneducated and superstitious

A large population considers Astrologers to be uneducated and superstitious. They feel that Astrologers are not scientists whose words can be trusted.

But becoming an Astrologer is a big success in itself for which one has to take a degree and also gain a lot of experience.

To Rely Completely on Astrology

Many people who believe in Astrology completely rely on it. They feel that whatever is written in their zodiac sign or what their planetary chart says, they have to live their life the same.

Because of this, even if they want to, they are not able to make some decisions which could have given them some good experience.

Therefore it is not right to rely completely on Astrology. Rather, for this very reason, nowadays Astrologers have stopped telling people all the positive and negative things according to their charts.

Astrology Is All About Reading Horoscope

Many people believe that Astrology Is All About Reading Horoscopes – whereas this is not the case at all.

In Astrology, all conclusions are given by looking at Planetary Motion. Therefore, apart from just Horoscope Reading, it also includes more than 80 branches of Astrology like Birth Chart, Relationship Astrology, and Karma Astrology.

All problems can be solved with Astrological Remedies

People consider this also to be true. They feel that if they follow all the remedies suggested by the astrologer, all the obstacles will be removed from their life.

The truth behind this is that these remedies give you psychological strength, which increases your confidence and you work with more effort. Therefore, you can benefit from those remedies only if you keep working consistently & effortlessly.

Because of all these Astrological Myths, some people do not believe in Astrologers and many people believe too much and work less when everything is right in their chart.

Well, this is a matter of people, but as an Astrologer you will have to work hard and reach out to as many people as possible to earn good money.

For this, you will have to adopt digital marketing (Digital Marketing For Astrologers) from which you can get many benefits.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Astrologers & Astrology Business

Gradually, the time passed when people used to contact people around them to find an expert Astrologer.

Today I picked up my mobile, and typed “Best Astrologer Near Me” on Google and many results appeared in front of you.

Due to this, people do not have to go anywhere and the solution is available through online consultation sitting at home.

Similarly, there are many other benefits of Digital Marketing For Astrologers, let us discuss some of them.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing For Astrologers & Astrology Business

Help Build Personal Brand

The first advantage of Digital Marketing For Astrology is Personal Brand Building.

Personal Brand makes you different from other Astrologers and creates the image of an expert in the eyes of people.

The first rule of creating a personal brand is to come into the eyes of people or rather, to come into the eyes of your target audience.

For this, the help of Digital Marketing Strategies like Content Creation, Social Media, Website, Search Engine Optimization, and Paid Advertisement is taken.

By becoming a personal brand, competition for you reduces considerably and people automatically start consulting you.

Give Faster Result

The use of Traditional Marketing is considered to be a time-consuming & Slow Method where despite investing more money one does not get a good ROI.

But, digital marketing helps you in getting faster results.

Here you can reach your target clients by spending less effort & money.

For this, techniques like PPC Advertising are often used, under which you can run Ad Campaigns on platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Give Faster Results

Help Reach Millions At Affordable Cost

Showing ads in banners, posters, and newspapers is considered a costly marketing strategy.

Not only this, but through these you target everyone instead of targeting your ideal clients.

Due to this, it takes a lot of time to acquire the right client and your reach is also limited.

In such a situation, by adopting the PPC Advertising Strategy of Digital Marketing, you can run Reach Campaigns and reach thousands and lakhs of people in a few days.

Similarly, techniques like Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization & Content Marketing in your Organic Marketing Strategy help in reaching interested prospects sitting in any corner of the world.

Help Create Multiple Sources Of Income

One of the biggest advantages of Digital Marketing For Astrologer & Astrology is that many sources of earning money become open to you.

After implementing Digital Marketing, you

  • People can consult online
  • Can create their horoscope or charts
  • You can charge good fees by giving remedies to a person sitting in another country.
  • You can create a website for other Astrologers you know.
  • You can create posts for other Famous & Popular Astrologers or write content for them.

In this way, by learning digital marketing, you become not just one or two but many income sources.

Let us now come to our main topic and talk about Digital Marketing Strategies For Astrologers.

How To Grow Astrology Business Using Digital Marketing For Astrologers – 7 Steps To Follow

Every new astrologer wishes that people should know him, he should have a name and he should get an identity.

He does not want to rely only on references like other astrologers, he wants new clients to keep coming to him and keep consulting him.

But how will all this be possible?

This will be possible by using the most powerful weapon of today’s time i.e. Internet.

Crores of people are using the Internet today, due to which there has been an increase in the number of social media users.

In the year 2015, there were only  5.35 Billion users in World, due to the expansion of the Internet.

In such a situation, to reach these users, you will have to create some Digital Marketing Strategies For Astrologers.

So let’s see how you can create the best digital marketing strategy for yourself in 7 steps.

Step – 1 Design Your Professional Astrology Website

A website is very important for Astrology Business, which you can also call your Digital Office.

You can start your online journey by creating a Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, Blogs, and Service Page on the website.

Before designing a website, read these design factors.

You can give information about your existing clients’ testimonials, reviews, awards, degrees, experience, and your expertise on your website.

When the visitor reads this information and finds you Legit & Experienced, then he contacts you directly by going to your Contact Us Page or through WhatsApp.

But, sometimes some visitors also come who do not contact you in the first time, they want to know more about you or want any free service of yours.

For this, you can use Lead Magnet on the website.

Lead Magnet can provide free facilities like Free Kundali Generation, Kundali Matching, Lucky Number/Color, and Today’s Horoscope.

To access them, you can ask for their contact details and then contact them through WhatsApp or email.

Step – 2 Perform Search Engine Optimization

Step - 2 Perform Search Engine Optimization

After creating a website, the next step is to optimize it for search engines (Google, Bing, etc.).

Only then your website will be able to rank on the first page of search engines like Google.

If it ranks on the first page, then targeted traffic will also come to your website which will include those people who need to take some Astrological Guidance.

This entire process is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO, under which the website is ranked with the help of different types of SEO.

Step – 3 Focus On Local SEO

Step - 3 Focus On Local SEO

Do you want to provide Astrology services to the people of your local area now?

If yes then you will have to focus on Local SEO also.

In Local SEO, you have to put the details of your Astrology Business on Google My Business (GMB) and many other local directories.

Here you have to tell Google what is the name of your business, what is its address, when you close, when you open, what services you provide, keywords, tags, etc.

Along with this, take Reviews & Ratings on your GMB Profile from your Existing Clients.

In such a situation, whenever someone searches “Best Astrologer Near Me” in your area, due to proper local SEO, Google shows your Astrology Business at the top.

Step – 4 Create Well Optimized Profile On Relevant Social Media Platforms

Step - 4 Create Well Optimized Profile On Relevant Social Media Platforms

Today almost every Internet user passes his time on social media.

In such a situation, there is a high possibility that you will find people here who need your consultation.

Therefore, today you cannot ignore social media.

You have to start content creation by creating your profile on these platforms (Like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora).

But, keep in mind that you should not create profiles on all social media platforms. Create only on those platforms on which your ideal clients spend the most time.

To find out such platforms, you can look at your competitors and see which platforms they are more active on.

In this way, by creating educational content by creating an optimized profile on relevant platforms, you start reaching your ideal clients and your posts, videos & shorts start appearing to them.

*Pro Tip – Videos are in vogue today, so try to make long & short-form videos and publish them on channels like YouTube, Instagram & Facebook. 

Apart from this, you can also divert people to your website by giving answers on Quora.

Step 5 Start Content Creation & Content Marketing

Step - 5 Start Content Creation & Content Marketing

After creating optimized profiles on relevant social media channels, it is the turn to create high-quality & problem-solving content on them.

Here, you have to create content not only through social media but also in the form of blogs on your website.

You can give a video in the form of different shorts and can also convert it into a blog form.

Be sure to know these 9 practices for effective content creation.

Thus, repurposing one type of content and distributing it on different platforms is called Content Marketing.

9 Secrets of Creating Effective Content Marketing Strategy.

Here always keep in mind that your content should be Engaging, Attractive & solution-oriented in you should always give a Call To Action.

The content should contain such information that the viewer is compelled to like & share it and go to your website based on the call to action given by you.

Step – 6 Utilize The Power Of Pay Per Click Advertising

Step - 6 Utilize The Power Of Pay Per Click Advertising

In the 6th Digital Marketing Strategy For Astrologers & Astrology Business, the name comes Pay Per Click i.e. PPC Advertising. 

You must have seen ads many times in between YouTube videos, on Facebook, on Instagram, and while searching on Google.

You can also use these ads to market your Astrology Services.

While setting up ads, you have to tell the details of your ideal clients to the ad network like – Gender, Demographic, Profession, Interest, etc.

Based on all these details, the Ad Platform shows your ads only to these people, which increases your chances of getting quality traffic.

Here you can run  Reach Campaigns, Awareness Campaigns & Lead Generation Campaigns so that you get faster results.

Step – 7 Use Retargeting Campaigns

This is one of the greatest digital marketing tips for astrologers where you can retarget your visitors.

You can retarget people who interact with your website or social media through Ads, Emails, WhatsApp, or SMS.

These are those people who visited your website only for a few seconds or watched one of your shorts.

At the time of retargeting, you try to solve their doubts, due to which many of them become ready to take your service.

In this way, by using all these strategies of Digital Marketing step by step, you start getting noticed by people and a different image of yours starts forming.

This image helps you in creating a personal brand and you are miles ahead of the competition.

Conclusion – Digital Marketing Strategies For Astrologers

The biggest challenge in earning good money in Astrology Business is to reach out to as many people as possible and make them understand that you are an experienced Astrologer and they can trust you.

Nowadays, most astrologers depend on word of mouth to reach their clients, due to which there is a limit to their reach.

But, you can eliminate this limitation with the help of digital marketing.

With the help of Digital Marketing, you can reach out to people sitting in other cities and countries right from your home, consult them, prepare their charts, and tell them remedies for a good future.

How all this happens and what kind of strategies are required for it – we saw it in today’s blog – Digital Marketing Strategies For Astrologers & Astrology Business.

Many Lawyers, Homemakers, Doctors, Salaried Employees, and Astrologers like you are involved in this community and are implementing the things mentioned by us.

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