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“Go back to India” in Europe, the Gulf states and the United States is causing serious trouble for Indians – (Kashmir Media Service)

Washington, September 25 (KMS) As a result of Narendra Modi’s Hindutva agenda, hatred against immigrant Indians living in Europe, Arab world and America is increasing on a large scale.
After the city of Leicester in the United Kingdom, now Indian citizens in the American states are facing the slogan “Go back to India” on the streets, intersections and footpaths as well as on social media. A woman in the American city of Texas shouted the above-mentioned slogan in front of a group of Indian women a few days ago. This incident happened in the parking lot of a restaurant in the city of Plano, Texas, and its video also went viral. Four Indian women were having dinner. Later, while going back to their cars, the American woman, identified as Esmeralda Upton, approached them and said, “Go back to India.”

In the video, Upton can be heard saying, “You Indians cheat everywhere, if life in India is great why are you all here.” One of these Indian women, Dr. Badisha Rudra, told the media that life has not been the same since the incident. Now there is a sense of insecurity that haunts me all the time, the American woman’s words ringing in my ears as I sleep.

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