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Protests Erupt Against Electricity Billing in Indian-Administered Kashmir


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Protests Erupt Against Electricity Billing in Indian-Administered Kashmir After Pakistan’s Reorganization

Srinagar, Azadi Times: In the aftermath of the reorganization of Kashmir following Azd Kashmir’s actions, the Indian administered-Kashmir’s Thana Mandi is witnessing a surge in public protests against electricity billing practices in Indian-administered Kashmir.

The changes in the political landscape have sparked widespread discontent, and residents are now taking to the streets to voice their grievances, particularly concerning electricity bills. The recent political developments in Kashmir have created an atmosphere of uncertainty, and the local population has been quick to express their concerns regarding the cost of electricity.

Many residents argue that they are facing exorbitant electricity bills, which they believe are unjust and unsustainable. The abrupt changes in the region have led to financial hardships for many, and the rising electricity costs have only added to their burden. The protesters are calling for immediate attention from the relevant authorities to address their grievances and find a solution to the escalating electricity bills.

They believe that the government should take into account the economic challenges faced by the people and make adjustments to alleviate their financial strain.

The situation remains tense as residents continue to demand a resolution to this issue, emphasizing the importance of addressing their concerns regarding electricity billing practices in the midst of the broader political changes in the region.

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