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Protests Erupt in Kashmir’s Leepa Valley Against Soaring Inflation

NewsProtests Erupt in Kashmir's Leepa Valley Against Soaring Inflation

Leepa Valley (Azadi Times): The picturesque Leepa Valley in Jhelum district has witnessed widespread public protests against the escalating issues of inflation. Concerned by the critical state of their livelihoods, the local residents have organized protest demonstrations, creating tumultuous scenes on the streets.

Yesterday, the entire union of three major unions in Leepa Valley announced a complete shutdown in peaceful protest against the prevailing issues. Protest rallies were held in various regions of the valley, where demonstrators raised anti-government slogans and took to the streets.

The protests gained momentum as large numbers of people participated in the demonstrations in prominent locations such as Nokot Gali, Main Bazar Leepa, and Banamulla. The rally commenced in Main Bazar Leepa, where protesters blocked roads and staged sit-ins, vocalizing their grievances.

Prominent figures including Bashir Alam Awan, a member of Leepa District Council, Abdul Aziz Badhan, a member of Nokot District Council, Raja Ongzib Khan, a President of the Transport Union, Muhammad Sadeeq Sheikh, a member of Leepa Council, Mandol Chowdhary Noor Hussain, social activist Malik Shabeer, youth leader Saifur Rahman Awan, Aarif Mughal, Ghazi Arshad Alvi, young lawyer and founder of Pasban e Karnah Sajid Mqbool, youth leader Ehsan Alam Awan, Shabeer Mir, Anwar Awan, Nomi Pazada, Shafi Awan, lawyer Ehsan-ul-Haq Shamie, Shaukat Awan, Rafiq Sheikh, Shafiq Mir, Deputy Chairman Rafiq Butt, Shaukat Ali Mughal, Ashfaq Magray, Rizwan Zaman Abbasi, Rameez Qureshi, and others actively participated in the protest. The demonstrations saw a significant turnout of people, with anti-government slogans resonating in the air.

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The protesters demanded immediate measures to address the latest price hikes, power cuts, and the scarcity of wheat. They emphasized the need to eliminate illegal taxes burdening the public.

If their voices go unheard, the protests are likely to spread to wider areas, resembling a full-blown uprising. The protests continued throughout the day, while the authorities took strict security measures to ensure the safety of government installations. Leepa Assistant Commissioner Syed Yasar Ali Bukhari and SHO Chaudhry Bashir were present to oversee the protest, while stringent security arrangements were put in place.

The demonstrations witnessed a diverse participation of representatives from ideological groups, municipal representatives, social organizations, traders, journalists, and lawyers, along with a large number of common people.

The escalating protests in Leepa Valley highlight the growing dissatisfaction among the local population regarding the prevailing economic conditions. As the demonstrations persist, the authorities are urged to take swift action to address the concerns of the people and alleviate the burden of inflation on their lives.

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