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Rawalakot Police Launch Grand Operation Targeting Foreign Nationals


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Rawalakot, (Azadi Times): In a significant development, Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir (PaJK)’s law enforcement authorities have embarked on a comprehensive operation aimed non-state resident individuals, including those with dubious criminal records.

The operation launched following the recent appointment of the Superintendent of Police (S.P.) Khawar Ali Shaukat, heralding a renewed commitment to maintaining law and order in the district. Over the course of two consecutive nights, Wednesday and Thursday, S.P. Khawar Ali Shaukat, in collaboration with Station House Officers (S.H.O.) from various police stations, initiated actions at multiple locations throughout the district.

The primary objective of these operations is to bring individuals with questionable backgrounds and potential involvement in illegal activities to justice.

One of the noteworthy incidents occurred in Thana Police Data Kot and Chouki Police Saharha, where police officers discovered an individual in possession of 30-bore pistols without the requisite licenses. Simultaneously, in a meticulously executed operation by Thana Police Thora, an individual implicated in various serious crimes, including kidnappings, was apprehended. During the operation, law enforcement also seized weapons.

A stringent monitoring system has been put in place at entry points within the jurisdiction of all police stations and chowkis across the district. These measures are aimed at conducting thorough checks and investigations of individuals and vehicles attempting to enter the district.

The ongoing actions against these individuals and vehicles are expected to result in the arrest of several criminals, as law enforcement agencies continue to intensify their efforts to ensure the safety and security of Rawalakot’s residents. This operation signifies a resolute commitment to upholding the rule of law and curbing criminal activities within the district.

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