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Urgent Plea: Kashmiri Women Stranded in Gaza, Seek International Assistance for Safe Return


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Srinagar, November 17, 2023 – (Azadi Times) Lubna Nazir, a renowned education expert from Indian-administered Jammu & Kashmir, finds herself and her family facing an arduous situation as they remain stuck in Gaza. Lubna, accompanied by her children and husband, is currently grappling with the challenges of being far from their homeland.

The ordeal began when Lubna Nazir, along with her family, traveled from Srinagar to Palestine. Unfortunately, their journey took an unexpected turn when they encountered complications leading to Lubna’s incarceration in a small jail in Palestine.

The husband and children, equally distressed, are now fervently seeking the intervention of international human rights organizations to ensure the safe return of their wife and mother.

The family’s desperate plea is rooted in the desire to reunite with their loved ones and return to the familiar grounds of Jammu and Kashmir. Lubna Nazir, known for her expertise in the field of education, had embarked on this journey with her family with hopes of enriching their experiences. However, the unforeseen circumstances have led them into a challenging situation.

With mounting concerns for the well-being of Lubna and her family, they appeal to international human rights organizations to facilitate their safe return to their motherland. The distressing situation highlights the need for diplomatic efforts and humanitarian considerations to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals caught in such unforeseen circumstances.

As the international community becomes aware of this family’s plight, the hope is that swift action will be taken to secure the release of Lubna Nazir and facilitate the safe return of her and her family to the comfort of Jammu and Kashmir.

The urgency of the situation emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts to address such humanitarian crises and ensure the protection of individuals facing adversity in foreign lands.

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